Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone 2023

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Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone 2023

Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone 2023

Introduction on Top Best Universities in Sierra Leone

Are you a Sierra Leonean who wants to enroll in one of the country’s top universities? The purpose of this article is to help you choose wisely. Therefore, a detailed list of the top universities in Sierra Leone along with the programs they provide can be found in this article.

About 18 different ethnic groups, each with its own language and customs, live in Sierra Leone, according to Additionally, Sierra Leone has the world’s largest natural harbor. The nation also has a long history of journalism and served as an important hub for African journalism in the 1860s.

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Additionally, Sierra Leone is home to some outstanding research-based universities. Students who attend this university achieve outstanding results in subjects like management.

Because of this, we will make it simpler for you to learn about the top universities in Sierra Leone where you can study. But before we get there, there are a few things you should know about studying in Sierra Leone, such as the price of tuition, the requirements for admission, etc.

Take a quick glance at the table of contents, which summarizes all the important topics covered in depth in this article.

Information You Should Have About Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone, which is in West Africa, is bordered to the southeast by Liberia, to the north and east by Guinea, and to the west and southwest by the Atlantic Ocean, according to Wikipedia. It has a 71,740 km2 area.

Even though it was once a British colony, Sierra Leone is today a republic with a constitution. There are currently 7,838,523 million people living there.

In essence, Freetown, the largest city and commercial hub of the nation, serves as its capital. Other significant cities include Kenema, Bo, Makeni, Koidu Town, and Make.

The nation’s natural resources are abundant, and its ethnic groups are diverse. Additionally, Sierra Leone is divided into the north, south, and east provinces. However, there is also the west area, which is another region.

The language used in Sierra Leone is called Krio, and it was derived from a number of African languages as well as English. This is the official national language and the mother tongue of the Creoles.Also read: Italy dsu Scholarship

You must be aware of the fact that approximately two-thirds of the population in Sierra Leone are Muslims and approximately one-quarter are Christians in addition to everything else you should know before studying there. Traditional religions are practiced by less than ten percent of the population.

The numerous Sierra Leoneans who practice traditional religions in addition to their Muslim or Christian denominations are not counted in this figure, though. Small percentages of people practice other religions, such as Bahá’, Hinduism, and Judaism.

Therefore, whether you are an international student or not, choosing to enroll in one of the universities in Sierra Leone will pay off well for you.

In Sierra Leone, how many universities are there?

Unquestionably, Sierra Leone is one of the continent of Africa’s most affordable countries for higher education. The educational system is very important. So, if you’re wondering how many universities there are in Sierra Leone, you may view a complete list of them here.

Basically, Sierra Leone has both public and private universities, with the public universities typically charging lower annual tuition. In Sierra Leone, which has 3 universities and 3 polytechnics, there are typically 3 public universities and 3 private universities.

What are Sierra Leone’s Private Universities?

The private universities in Sierra Leone are listed below:

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology at the University of Makeni

What are the names of Sierra Leone’s public universities?

There are many benefits to choosing to attend public universities in Sierra Leone. Indeed, thanks to the government’s free education policy and scholarships, you have a better chance of obtaining a nearly free education.

So, the following is a list of Sierra Leone’s public universities along with their locations:

  • Njala College
    School of Sierra Leone
    Oriental Polytechnic
    Northrop Gables Polytech
    University of Science and Technology of Ernest Bai Koroma

What criteria do universities in Sierra Leone use for admission?

In Sierra Leone, applying to universities is typically not a difficult process. In order to apply to most universities, candidates must first register, fill out the application form, and download copies of the necessary documents.

  • The prerequisites for the various levels of study in Sierra Leone are as follows:
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One of the following certificates must be submitted with your application if you are applying for bachelor’s level studies:

Senior School Certificate for West Africa (WASSCE). Your WASSCE results must include a minimum of five (5) subjects: two (2) elective subjects and three (3) core subjects (English, Math, or Science, as well as a humanities or social science subject).
Senior School Diploma (SSCE). Your SSCE results must include English in five (5) or more of the subjects.
Education General Certificate (GCE). At least two (2) of the five (5) or more subjects in your GCE results must have an advanced level.
The West African Examinations Council must publish all upper secondary school results (WAEC).

The officially issued certificate must be submitted. The online verification printouts are never accepted. In exceptional circumstances, you may send your scratch card information along with your result slips, statement of results, or notification of results if you haven’t yet received your official certificate.

You must also submit a scratch card along with a copy of your certificate. As an alternative, you can mail a piece of paper with your serial number and PIN on it. The scratch card can also be sent using the contact form.

  • A Bachelor’s degree satisfies the general requirements for master’s level studies.

Please submit your diploma and transcripts (for all years, including the National Diploma/Higher National Diploma if it is taken into account in the bachelor’s degree) to demonstrate your eligibility.

What Does It Cost to Attend School in Sierra Leone?

Local media reports state that the government will increase its sponsorship of education from 11% to 20%. Most importantly, this support is coming from international partners too, including the World Bank, the United Nations, and the United Kingdom.

Hence, if you are curious about how much it will cost to study in Sierra Leone, then this is a great advantage for you. Because the cost to study in Sierra Leone is quite minimal when you compare it to other Africa countries.

The cost to study for an undergraduate degree in Sierra Leone ranges from 2,500,000 – 5,500,000 LE per annum.

Most Importantly, there are several means of studying in Sierra Leone at a low cost, so you can study in the country by applying for scholarships meant for Sierra Leone students.

You can also apply for additional Africa Scholarships that are advantageous to students from Sierra Leone.

What are the most highly regarded universities in Sierra Leone?

Indeed, it is advantageous to attend a college or university that excels in all areas of study and has a straightforward admissions process. Sierra Leone has a good number of schools, but it is crucial to know which ones are the best.

We have produced a list of the top and greatest universities in Sierra Leone to assist you in your search. And we will provide a comprehensive description of our 2023 ranking standards.

Ranking Methodology

In determining the Top Universities in Sierra Leone for International Students, a number of aspects will be considered. They consist of:

We believe the number of programs to be an essential factor when assessing the best universities in Sierra Leone for international students. Because some of these institutions may provide a substantial number of programs.

Accreditation is a crucial criterion because a school might be inexpensive without being of high quality. Before ranking these schools, we therefore analyze both their accrediting body and their certifications. Whether they fall under the regional or national accreditation category.

Acceptance Rate: This is a significant factor since the lower the acceptance rate, the better the institution.

Graduation & Employment Rate: Here, we evaluate whether or not these schools have a high graduation rate. Some can get enrolled but get stranded at the end. Also considered is the employability of school graduates by prestigious institutions. These elements are equally vitally necessary.

List of 6 Best Universities in Sierra Leone 2023 Ranking

We have produced a list of the greatest and most prestigious universities in Sierra Leone, and will provide a comprehensive explanation of our 2023 rating criteria.

We recognize that selecting the ideal college may be both exciting and difficult. There are countless possibilities available to you here. Take the time to investigate and determine why each of these colleges is the top option even for international students, and why it may also be your best option.

So, here is a list of the Top Universities with Accreditation in Sierra Leone:

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1. Njala University

2. University of Makeni

3. University of Sierra Leone

4. Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

5. Eastern Polytechnic

6. Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology

7. Northern Polytechnic

1. Njala University

In Sierra Leone, Njala Institution is a comprehensive rural public research university. Above all else, the University is dedicated to offering the finest quality of higher education in Sierra Leone and beyond.

In addition, it is renowned for supporting intellectual and personal growth, as well as promoting research into meaningful contributions for humanity.Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone

The University operates on two campuses, the Njala campus, which is the primary campus, and the Bo campus, which is located in Bo. Both provide programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

Njala University (NU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees in a variety of academic disciplines.

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First, the Njala campus is situated around 200 kilometers east of Freetown in a fairly flat terrain on the banks of the Taia River, at the Kori district seat in southern Sierra Leone.

While the Bo campus is located in Towama and Kowama, on the outskirts of the city of Bo.

In addition to these locations, the University also offers certain programs at its Freetown location, 17 Henry Street.

Moreover, the University of Njala is home to six institutions and six centers devoted to research in disciplines like as agriculture, home economics, health and medicine, and many others.

Therefore, international applicants may apply for admission to this school.

2. University of Makeni

Address: Lunsar-Makeni Highway, Makeni, Sierra Leone

Accredited in 2009, the Institution of Makeni (UNIMAK) is a private university in the northern region of Sierra Leone.

UNIMAK prioritizes “social development” in all of its endeavors. For this reason, UNIMAK has exerted significant effort to build academic programs grounded in the modern African experience.

The UNIMAK family currently consists of around 1,500 students, 147 full-time instructors, 30 part-time teachers, and 31 visitors. In addition, the University of Makeni contains seventeen Departments and four Institutes.

At its Fatima site in Makeni, UNIMAK provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as courses leading to a certificate and diploma.

Also, the departments of law, public health, and information technology are located on the Yoni campus, six kilometers from Makeni, with distinct but equivalent student services.

In addition to about twenty-five tutoring rooms, there are four conference rooms, two computer labs, and a legal library. Similarly, the University offers a 100-seat main library with more than 25,000 books and periodicals. There are also more than 40 Internet-capable PCs available for free use by students.

3. University of Sierra Leone

Located at A.J. Momoh Street, Tower Hill

The University Act of 2005 reorganized higher education in Sierra Leone in 2005, allowing for the establishment of private universities. Fourah Bay College (FBC), the Institute of Public Administration and Administration (IPAM), and the Allied College of Medicine and Health Sciences have been added to the University of Sierra Leone by law (COMAHS).

The University of Sierra Leone (USL) provides courses and programs leading to higher education degrees. Including pre-baccalaureate degrees (certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation diplomas), bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorates in a variety of academic disciplines.

  • Three campuses comprise the University of Sierra Leone:

First, Fourah Bay College, the university’s oldest member college, was founded on February 18, 1827 and consists of four faculties.

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Second, on November 5, 1980, the Institute of Administration and Public Administration (IPAM) was founded. It consists of two faculties, with the Faculty of Administration Sciences having four departments.

The first medical school in Sierra Leone, the College of Medicine and Related Health Sciences (COMAHS), was established on April 12, 1988 by the government of Sierra Leone, the government of Nigeria, and the World Health Organization. It is comprised of four faculties: fundamental medical sciences, clinical sciences, nursing sciences, and pharmaceutical sciences.

4 Milton Margai College of Technology and Education

The location of Freetown, Sierra Leone

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, founded in 1963 and located in the western metropolis of Freetown, is a private school of higher learning.

MMCET was once a teacher training department (TTD) at Fourah Bay College, Mount Aureol. Prior to that, the new university was known as Milton Margai Teachers College (MMTC) in honor of Mr. Milton Margai, the prime minister of Sierra Leone.

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Established by a Parliamentary Act in 2001, the university was renamed Milton Margai College of Education and Technology after its conversion to a polytechnic college (MMCET). Three campuses comprise the institution: Brookfields, Congo Cross, and Goddrich.

Officially authorized by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Sierra Leone. The courses and programs offered by Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) range from the professional certificate. Consequently, it leads to officially recognized degrees in a variety of subjects of study.

This University has nine faculties overall.

5. University of Science and Technology at Ernest Bai Koroma

Address: Magburaka Kono Highway, Magburaka, Sierra Leone

The Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology (EBKUST) consists mostly of the following institutions:

Magburaka University College, Magburaka Makeni University College, University of Port Loko.
Essentially, the Islamic College of Magburaka (ICM) was founded with initial financing from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in order to provide instruction in Arab and Islamic subjects.Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone

Similarly, the Teacher Colleges Act of 1966 established the Port Loko Teachers College (PLTC), which was initially designed solely for elementary and lower secondary teacher preparation.

In addition, the Polytechnic Act of 2001 elevated the PLTC to the level of other universities in the nation.

Lastly, Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology (EBKUST) provides courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees in a variety of academic disciplines.

6. Eastern Polytechnic

Address: Kenema, Sierra, Leone, Sierra Leone

The Eastern Polytechnic was established on October 1, 2001, as a result of the Polytechnic Act of 2001. This statute gave Eastern Polytechnic legal status and initiated its operations by combining two foreground learning institutions in the eastern area of Sierra Leone:

Kenema is home to Bunumbu Teachers College (Bu.T.C) and The Government Technical Institute (T.I.K).

Officially, the Eastern Polytechnic is comprised of four faculties and two schools offering seventeen degree programs. As a result, Eastern Polytechnic today provides training for teachers, nurses, medical laboratory scientists, business administrators, merchants, technicians, and mechanics.

At Eastern Polytechnic, they believe that everyone should have access to education. Whether you are constrained by geography, expense, personal obligations, or simply time, they are committed to providing you with access to a higher education that complements your busy, modern lifestyle.

They provide access to certificates, diplomas, degrees, and master’s programs online and remotely, while campus-based learning modalities are rigid. Equally, they are happy to give a non-standard ticket, which means they will evaluate your prior work experience and credentials.

Universities in Sierra Leone FAQs

  • What are the most reputable and prestigious universities in Sierra Leone?

Here is a list of Sierra Leone’s Top and Accredited Universities:

University of Makeni

2. University of Sierra Leone

3. Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

4. Eastern Polytechnic

5. Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

6. Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology

  • What is the number of universities in Sierra Leone?

In Sierra Leone, there are three state universities and three private universities, which include three universities and three polytechnics.

  • How much does an undergraduate degree in Sierra Leone cost?

An undergraduate education in Sierra Leone costs between 2,500,000 and 5,500,000 LE per year.

  • What universities are public in Sierra Leone?

Here is a list of the Sierra Leonean public universities:

  1. Njala Institution
  2. Sierra Leone’s University
  3. Eastern Polytechnic
    Northern Polytechnic College
    The Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology is located in Sierra Leone.

What private universities are there in Sierra Leone?

The locations of the private universities in Sierra Leone are listed below.Top Best Universities In Sierra Leone

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  1. College of Makeni
    The College of Education and Technology at Milton Margai

Last but not least

If you wish to study in Sierra Leone, you must determine which of its universities is the best fit for you.

Choosing where to study in Sierra Leone is therefore one of the most important choices you will ever make.

  • How many university do we have in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone has around 20+ institutions for higher learning which boasts of excellence in academic instruction. Universities in Sierra Leone are globally recognized to have learning standards on par with top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or China.

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