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Samsung Summer internship Programme 2023

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Samsung Summer internship Programme 2023 – Samsung Career Opportunities –

Samsung Summer internships 2023

Internship Description:

The internship will assist you in honing your skills.
Making you a likeable person who can collaborate with people from various countries

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  • Having fun while earning a good living
    Sponsorship or medical assistance
    Increasing the effectiveness of your research
    Creating a strong resume
    Employee benefits for you and your family
    Financial well-being
    Student loan assistance, scholarships, and numerous other advantages
    If you get a job at Samsung, you may also be eligible for the following perks:

Health benefits: Samsung is concerned about the health of its employees.
Medical: Samsung offers a variety of medical plans, including prescription coverage, as well as wellness resources to keep you balanced.

Dental: Our candidates are provided with dental care.
Employee assistance programme: world-class therapeutic services are provided to employees and their families.

Telehealth services: You can connect with certified doctors via video conferences 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Work-life balance: Samsung strives to help you balance your work and personal lives.
Paid time off: We provide our regular, full-time employees with the equivalent of 20 days of paid time off per year, in addition to company holidays, through a generous PTO policy.

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Time and place flexibility: You can easily change your work hours to accommodate your flexibility. Regular Samsung employees can work from home or any other desired location four times per month.

Flex your Fridays: During the summer months, you can take an early Friday off to spend time with friends or family before the weekend begins.

Financial wellness is our number one priority.
Health savings account: You can use this account to save money for medical expenses, investments, or anything else that is important to you.

Flexible spending accounts: set aside money for major expenses and reduce your income taxes as desired.
401(k): The Samsung 401(k) plan promotes financial wellness by allowing you to save for retirement.
Student loan assistance: Samsung makes annual contributions to help employees with their student loan debt.

Tuition assistance: You may be eligible for tuition assistance if you are pursuing degrees that will allow you to advance your career at Samsung or another multinational corporation.

Incentives for Samsung Families:
Healthy pregnancies and babies: Samsung can help you with healthy pregnancies and deliveries.
Paid parental leave: We offer up to 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave.
WINFertility provides personalised guidance, education, and emotional support throughout the family-building process.

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Samsung Job Benefits:
Fitness reimbursement: We reimburse you for your gym membership, personal fitness training, and so on.
Annual physical: without a co-pay, go to your doctor for your annual physical.
Lifestyle management programmes, such as rehabilitation therapies, mental support, and stress management, are available.
Summer excursions and commuter benefits: We provide trips to various locations both nationally and internationally. Carpooling, buses, and other benefits are also available.
Relocation assistance is available regardless of where you are joining us from. Samsung is responsible for your travel and other expenses.

Samsung gift: Upon completion of your internship at Samsung, you will be given an exciting surprise gift, so prepare to be surprised.
Where can you find opportunities for Samsung Internships?
Investigate Samsung opportunities in a variety of countries, including several first-world countries. Samsung has several outlets and offices in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Africa, and New Zealand.

How to Obtain a Samsung Internship in 2023

Applications for Samsung internships will be accepted online only.

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Step-01: Applicants interested in applying for the Samsung internships programme should first look for open internship positions on the Samsung careers page (link at bottom of article), and then double-check their eligibility requirements.

Step 02: Navigate to the Samsung Careers Page and choose the option to apply for an internship.

Step-03: Next, select the region listed on the left-hand side; this will allow you to see what opportunities are available in your country.

Step 04: Determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements for the desired opportunity. You must fulfil all of the roles and responsibilities listed.

You cannot apply for this internship programme if you have already graduated with a degree. You must be currently enrolled in any degree programme to be considered for this internship.

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Samsung internship programme duration:

Samsung internships range in length from 4 to 14 weeks. These internships at Samsung are typically held during the summer, allowing students to apply and hone their skills. Every year, from September to January, these Samsung internships are available.

When you are chosen to interview for an internship, the process can take three to five weeks on average.



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