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Magazine Journalism-Types Of Magazine (Details)

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Magazine Journalism-Types Of Magazine (Details)

Magazine Journalism-Types Of Magazine (Details)

The Definition of Magazine Journalism

Magazine journalism produces articles for consumer and trade magazines using traditional journalism tools such as interviews, background research, and writing. In at least five ways, magazine journalism differs from newspaper journalism.

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Newspapers reach a large number of people of all ages and interests who live in a single metropolitan area. Magazines have a national audience with a highly specialised interest in a single topic. Magazines are published once a month rather than daily. As a result, readers expect longer articles with much more in-depth analysis of issues and trends.

A magazine is a publication that is published on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly, and contains articles, stories, photographs, advertisements, and other features on a page that is smaller than that of a newspaper but larger than that of a book.

Today, magazines are an important source of information. It serves as an excellent source of entertainment while also forming the reader’s opinion.

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Brief History of Magazine Journalism

Daniel defoe founded the first magazine, “review,” in 1704. It was four pages a week, three times a week.
Richard Steel’s “tattler” was published in 1709. It was edited by a made-up editor named “isac Bickerstaff.”
The “spectator” by Joseph Addison was published in 1711.
The first magazine published in the subcontinent was “hickey gazette” in 1870. James Augustus Hickey was the editor. It was an English publication.
After Pakistan’s independence, a new independent society emerged, with journalism playing an important role in society’s information. The National Press Trust was established in 1963.
Magazine was difficult to obtain due to NPT declaration.
General Yahya relaxed restrictions but later imposed them.

General Ziaulhuq temporarily lifted restrictions. The press and publication ordinance was repealed by the interim government in 1988, and a new ordinance, the Registration of Printing and Press Ordinance (RPPO), was enacted. In Pakistan, RPPO is still active.

Types of Magazines

The most common types of magazines are as follows.

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General interest magazines: These magazines cater to the needs of the entire population and have a large circulation. In Pakistan, examples include Lailo Nihar, Zindagi, Urdu Digest, Quomi Digest, Family, and Akhbare Jahan. The well-known reader digest falls into the same category.

News Magazine: these are magazines and newspapers which are produced weekly or fortnightly. Articles on current events, politics, economics, religion, industry, and sports are published in publications such as the Herald, Weekly Pulse, and Times.

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High Class Magazines: These magazines are aimed at a specific audience and appeal to a specific class. These magazines are serious periodicals that provide high-level reporting on literacy, ethical, social, political, or scientific issues.

Men’s Interest Magazine: sports, love stories, fashion, photos, etc.
Technical magazines are for specialised sections of society, such as engineering, medicine, gardening, and so on.
House Magazines/Journals: These are produced by businesses, organisations, and other entities and are distributed for free to employees and customers. The purpose is to showcase a company’s products. The public relations department of any organisation creates house journals.

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Literary Magazine: before partition there were literary men like sirsyed, laulana zafar ali khan, hasrat muhani, mulana Muhammad ali jauhar etc. they were poets, writers and literary figures. They published literary magazines, but their popularity declined after the publication of a general magazine. At the moment, Pakistani newspapers publish their literary columns on a weekly basis. Magazines such as Humayun and Nairang-i-Khayal were popular, but they were closed. At the moment, fanon, naqoosh, sawara, and nia dur are well-known.

Religious Magazine: tarjuman ul quran, turjuman ul hadith, iblagh, al Islam etc.

Film Magazine: Shama, Musawar, Nigar, Roman, Shabab, Mumtaz are examples.What is magazine writing?

Sports magazines include Cricketer and Sports Times. Magazines for children include Phool, Taleem, Naunihal, and Bacho ka Digest.What are the three types of magazines?

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Magazine Journalism, Types of Magazine is available to undertake level programs at .How is magazine journalism different from newspaper journalism?

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Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.Are magazine writers journalists?

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