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Applying for Start-up Jobs as International Students

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Since the burst of the tech bubble at the turn of the 21st century, we have come a long way. Start-ups are not only cool but have emerged as a powerhouse of talent, opportunity, and a generous paymaster. This has led to the reduction in the average lifespan of a company in the S&P equity index to 20 years from the previous 60 years.

Pitching and Creating a Role before Applying

In our ever-changing world, keeping up with changes in the business environment is a harsh reality, and start-ups need to adapt to embrace the change. As a student aiming for a start-up job, anticipate the new functions that might arise and lead them by pitching yourself to roles. Assess your skills and have a larger picture in mind for the start-up you are targeting. Many first hires to a start-up get their jobs upon presenting a pitch-deck about themselves, even for roles that don’t exist yet. This not only successfully creates those roles but also puts you in the driver’s seat in the organization.

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Showcasing an Outside Perspective

When applying to a start-up job, think about the company from the eyes of an outsider. Analyze the risks, potential surprises, and dangers to enhance your candidacy. Start-ups are surrounded by uncertainty, and being better prepared to foresee the environment around your chosen field will make you more valuable. Predicting and responding to the competition will be easier if you have a keen external perspective.

Keep the Mission on the Top of Your Head

For any potential hire, understanding and embracing the mission of a start-up is essential. As a start-up grows, it may lose sight of its mission in the midst of policies, procedures, and meetings. Think like an owner and show clarity in your thought process about the organization and its mission. Debate, clarify, and solidify the business mission and culture to ensure the start-up always focuses on the ultimate prize rather than short-term objectives.

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Customer is King

Ingrain the idea of the customer as the ultimate benefactor in every existing and potential employee of a start-up organization. Keeping customers at the forefront helps you gain resiliency and spot trends and potential issues ahead of time. Interact with customers on a personal level and convey their voice to the start-up to closely align with the organization’s culture.

Drive the Organization Like a Pilot

Start-ups have a unique structure and emphasize small projects with personalized attention. As a potential start-up employee, defend and lead your pitch across the firm you want to join. Drive the organization like the owner, considering the firm’s cost of opportunity and loss as your personal cost. Be ready to juggle multiple roles in the firm while keeping the overall strategy in mind.

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Start-up jobs provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to not only pitch your skills and talent to suit the organization but also to explore yourself as an individual and develop yourself as a business owner.

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