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Best Credit Card Options for International Students

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The blog post lists several credit card options suitable for students, including immigrants and international students.

Here are the main points about each credit card:

  1. Discover it® Secured Card: A secured credit card with no annual fee that allows cash back rewards on purchases. Open to U.S. and international students.
  2. Discover it® Card for College Students (Discover it® chrome): Offers cash back rewards for good grades and rotating categories, ideal for students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  3. SelfScore Achieve Mastercard: A credit card for U.S. and international students without a Social Security number, offering cash back rewards and no foreign-transaction fees.
  4. Discover Student Gas & Restaurant card: Gives cash back on gas stations and restaurants for college students with good grades.
  5. OpenSky Secured Visa Card: A secured credit card accepted worldwide, suitable for all U.S. and international students.
  6. Credit Karma Secured Visa Gold Card: A secured card for repairing bad credit, requiring no minimum credit score for approval.
  7. Journey® Student Credit Card: Helps students build credit with cash back rewards and no foreign transaction fees.
  8. Deserve Classic Credit Card: Offers Amazon Prime benefits and cash back on purchases, suitable for U.S. and international students.
  9. State Farm® Rewards Visa® Card: Provides points for insurance premium payments and regular purchases for U.S. and international students.
  10. Credit Card Options for International Students: A guide to various credit card options with benefits like travel, EMI, cash back offers, and reward points.
  11. Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card: Offers points for purchases and a bonus after reaching a spending threshold, available to U.S. citizens or those with dual citizenship.
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Each card has its own eligibility criteria and benefits, so students should review the details and choose the one that best fits their needs.

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