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Starbucks College Achievement Plan

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In today’s world, post-secondary education holds immense importance. Recognizing this, Arizona State University (ASU) and Starbucks Corporation have joined hands to create the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

This exceptional partnership allows eligible U.S.-based Starbucks employee partners to pursue their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree online through ASU, completely tuition-free. Let’s take a closer look at what this program offers and why it’s an excellent opportunity for Starbucks partners.

Eligibility and Participation:

To be eligible for the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Work as an employee for Starbucks or one of its U.S. subsidiaries, with no minimum employment time required before applying.
  2. Be eligible for full Starbucks benefits.
  3. Not hold a prior bachelor’s degree from a nationally-accredited or regionally accredited college or university.
  4. Successfully complete the application process for the program.
  5. Meet ASU’s requirements for being in “good academic standing.”
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Application Process:

The application process for this program is straightforward:

  1. Submit an application to any of ASU’s online bachelor degree programs.
  2. Once admitted, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and any additional required financial aid documents.
  3. Fulfill all online application requirements requested by Starbucks, including signing an agreement form between Starbucks and ASU.
  4. Prior to starting coursework, complete specific tutorials and orientations designed for the program.

Financial Information: All eligible applicants receive a scholarship from the CAP covering 42% of the total tuition upfront, funded by ASU upon enrollment. The rest of the expenses not covered by the scholarship, including tuition, ASU’s Financial Aid Trust Fee, and Technology Fee, are reimbursed by Starbucks Corporation through the CAP reimbursement grant.

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Note: There is a lifetime credit maximum of 135 credits, meaning each individual is eligible for reimbursement only up to this limit.

Why Enroll in this Program? Here are some compelling reasons to consider the Starbucks College Achievement Plan:

  1. Flexibility: The online courses allow you to work while pursuing your dream degree.
  2. Affordability: The program covers a substantial portion of the tuition costs, making it more accessible.
  3. ASU’s Reputation: ASU is a leading research university in the US, known for its online education excellence and cutting-edge technology.
  4. Diverse Degree Options: You can choose from over 60 undergraduate degree programs, including retail management, psychology, computer science, and electrical engineering.
  5. No Strings Attached: You have no obligation to continue working at Starbucks after graduation.
  6. Hassle-free Reimbursement: The automatic reimbursement system ensures a smooth process without paperwork errors or confusion.
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The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is a fantastic opportunity for Starbucks partners to pursue higher education without worrying about tuition costs. With ASU’s top-notch online programs and Starbucks’ commitment to supporting its employees, this partnership is paving the way for a brighter future for those who seek to enhance their knowledge and career prospects. Enroll in the program and take the first step towards achieving your educational goals!

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