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Home Accommodation Costs in Canada for Students

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Home Accommodation Costs in Canada for Students

Home Accommodation Costs in Canada for Students

Knowing the cost of lodging in Canada will allow you to plan ahead of time for your study trip.

The type of accommodation you choose in Canada usually depends on whether you plan to stay for a short or long period of time.

If your stay in Canada will last a year or more, as permitted by your programme, you will require cheap accommodation in Canada to see you through your studies.

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International Students’ Accommodation in Canada

Schools in Canada can provide or connect to various on-campus and off-campus accommodations based on your budget, expectations, and other circumstances.

If you are a foreign student, the first place to look for housing is the international student office or the university’s website.

Accommodation is both a physical and mental manifestation of settlement. When you haven’t found your own place to live, you appear restless and unsettled. So, choose one that meets your requirements.

The most common types of lodging

One of the five typical options for international students is the standard accommodation.

  1. Dormitories and townhouses for students

Some schools provide student housing on or near the campus. Dormitories are typically large student buildings, whereas terraced houses are self-contained and can house three to six students.

There are common areas for entertainment, cooking, and exercise in the shared rooms, as well as shared bathrooms and showers. These bedrooms can house one or more people and are managed directly by the school. Dormitories are frequently recommended as a first-year student accommodation option at colleges and universities.

Townhouses typically have three to six rooms with single beds (no roommates) and a kitchen and living room on the main floor. This type of housing is typically reserved for second and fourth-year university students, as well as graduate students.

Almost all universities have hostels on campus or close to campus. The building is usually enormous, with shared restrooms and a general kitchen. Most hostels have a kitchen and bathroom integrated into the student’s room, which is a popular option.

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The price

The cost of living in a hostel in Canada ranges between $3,000 and $7,500 per academic year. Applying for a hostel course will benefit you because it is a low-cost course.

Looking for an apartment can be a stressful process, but perusing local newspapers for a nearby vacant apartment is a good option to consider.

Off-campus students at the school can also assist. Some may be looking for a roommate. If you pay more attention around campus, you will undoubtedly notice a poster and posted by students looking for roommates. Sharing a room with another student will undoubtedly reduce the cost of living expenses.

With this detailed information on Accommodation Cost in Canada for International Students, you can use this opportunity to apply for cheap accommodation in Canada for International Students and save yourself the stress of being stranded in Canada. You can even apply for any of the most recent scholarships in Canada.

  1. Shared Off-Campus Apartment or Condominium

Off-campus shared apartments provide students with a single room in a living room shared by one or more roommates. Like single-family houses, they usually have a single room or living room, as well as a shared kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room.

Off-campus housing costs vary greatly, especially in larger cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Students may dislike staying in the hostel at times due to the noisy environment and some unfavourable school rules with which they are unable to comply.

Rules such as:

Cooking is not permitted in your room.
Use of a gas cooker is prohibited.
The maximum number of students permitted in a room.
The toilets have been neglected.
Because of the foregoing and numerous other factors not mentioned, students prefer to live off-campus, where they have more control and freedom.

The cost of a lodge varies according to its size and location. A one-bedroom apartment in a small town like Kitchener, Ontario, costs around $820 per month.


Not all Canadian universities can assist you in finding off-campus housing. In these cases, schools may refer you to one or more organisations or expect you to conduct your own research and connect to community services.

  1. Host Family/Housekeeping
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When you begin your new life in Canada, living with a host family can provide you with a sense of welcome and security. Host families typically offer a private room for individual use, one to three meals per day, and Internet access.

A host family can also help you learn about the city, learn about Canadian culture and customs, and share their meals with you.

Shared housing and lodging-only options (without meals) are both possibilities.

Students who live with host families should expect to travel to school by bus or train for 30 to 50 minutes. Traveling time is normal in Canada.

Do you have family or relatives who live near your school? Why not go to school from home and save money on housing? Almost 40% of Canadian students attend school from home without stress.

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Putting the apartment money to better use proved to be an excellent decision.

  1. Apartment Rentals, Furnished or Unfurnished

There are numerous safe ways to find a furnished apartment to rent before arriving in Canada, including using sites such as Airbnb, Craigslist, HouseTrip, or Wimdu.

These are typically furnished private rentals. Make sure to read the comments for each rental, as well as the comments of previous guests.

It is also possible to rent an unfurnished apartment, but it is difficult for new international students to get there. Even if you are granted a visa to study in Canada, you may face difficulties if you do not have adequate housing.

Important factors to consider when choosing a place to stay in Canada
Here are some things to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Create A Budget
The price of student housing varies. Set a budget for what you want and conduct your research accordingly.

Tip #3: Seek Assistance When Necessary
Don’t be afraid to seek assistance. People will recognise that you are new to the process and will want to make it easier for you. When and where questions are required, ask them. You’d undoubtedly meet nice people who want to assist you.

Tip #4: Be Discerning
There are some people who may wish to take advantage of you. If something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is. So, don’t fall for low-cost scams. Also, make sure you do not pay for an apartment before visiting it.

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Tip #5 Consult Useful Online Platforms Consult helpful online platforms. Websites such as,,,, and can be useful. Please be wary of fraudulent websites that are out to steal your money.

Tip #6 Consider Important Factors
Set your priorities, such as proximity to campus and budget, and then stick to them. Don’t be afraid to make a decision, but keep it realistic.


Living in a hostel, meeting a new fellow as a roommate, and becoming more exposed to your study environment are just some of the benefits that hostels provide to their residents. My roommate from the hostel helped shape my life into what it is today. I was positively influenced.

How much does it cost to be a student in Canada each month?

Student Living Expenses in Canada
Average CAD Accommodation Cost On-campus tuition ranges from $8,000 to $10,000 per year. Off-campus Shared Apartment – CA$ 400 to CA$ 700 per month
Food and beverage expenses
Monthly income ranges between $200 and $600.
Transportation costs between $80 and $120 per month.

Is it expensive to be a student in Canada?

In comparison to other popular study destinations, studying in Canada is more affordable. To cover tuition, a student needs between C$20,000 and C$30,000, depending on the course and city. Aside from that, food, living, and other living expenses will cost around C$10,000.

How much does a month’s rent in Canada cost?

The average monthly housing cost for a bachelor apartment is $702. A two-bedroom apartment costs $903. A three-bedroom apartment costs $1112 per month.Home Accommodation Costs in Canada for Students

How much does student housing cost in Canada?

On average, students should budget between $675 and $875 CAD per month before rent. If you plan to study in a city, you should budget an extra $550-$600 CAD for housing in a student dormitory.Home Accommodation Costs in Canada for Students

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