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How International Students Make Friends in College?

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Heading off to college is an exciting milestone in life. It’s a time of newfound independence and the opportunity to create lasting memories. While you may have dreamed of parties and great experiences, the fear of making friends can be overwhelming. But fear not! This guide will show you how to build a social network and have the incredible college experience you’ve always envisioned.

Number 1: Become a “YES!” Person! Being open to new experiences is a powerful way to make friends in any setting, including college. Embrace opportunities to connect with others and say “YES!” to various activities, keeping safety in mind, of course. Meeting diverse people with different interests will help you find like-minded friends for the next four years. Show your fun-loving nature by being sociable and engaging in new situations, and you’ll have no trouble making a lot of friends!

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Number 2: Make the Most of Your Roomie If you have a roommate, consider them an instant friend. Take the time to get to know them and hang out together. While you shouldn’t stick exclusively to your roommate, forming a bond early on can ease the initial awkwardness of attending events alone.

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Number 3: Join a Fraternity or Sorority Fraternities and sororities are social organizations that offer membership to undergraduate students and continue for a lifetime. Think of them as joining a family. While they may have an air of mystery due to their secretive nature, they provide opportunities to make friends, participate in parties, engage in philanthropic activities, and access a lifelong network.

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Number 4: Get Involved in a Student Organization Regardless of your interests or passions, you can find a student organization that aligns with them. US colleges offer a wide range of organizations, including those related to academics, community service, media, politics, sports, religion, and recreational activities. Joining these groups will introduce you to like-minded individuals and instantly expand your social circle.


Making friends in college is an exciting journey that will shape your entire experience. By being open to new experiences, taking the time to connect with your roommate, joining organizations that align with your interests, and exploring various social opportunities, you’ll create lasting friendships and have the amazing college life you’ve always dreamed of!

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