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Australian Government 2023 Free Online Courses with Free Certificates

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Australian Government 2023 Free Online Courses with Free Certificates

Australian Government 2023 Free Online Courses with Free Certificates

Australian Online Courses Description

Australian universities have developed courses to boost your CV, give you a taste of an Australian learning experience, and help you determine which Australian university is best for you to study at in the future.

Whatever path your career – or curiosity – takes, our courses from Australian universities have you covered. They are entirely online, allowing you to learn at your own pace alongside an international group of students.

You’ll learn from leading experts in their fields through practical exercises, essays, video, and audio. With more than 40 Australian universities coming together to showcase their world-class online education options, there has never been a better time to discover the depth of the Australian education system.

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Advantages of the Australian Government’s Free Online Courses

If you enrol in the Australian Online Courses before June 30, you will receive a free course upgrade. In other words, you can access the course materials even after you’ve completed it, and you’ll receive a free digital certificate upon completion.

How to Register for an Online Course in Australia

If you are thinking about taking college or university courses online in Australia, the tips and suggestions below can help you meet your specific challenges and get the most out of your online programme.

Set your objectives.

Set goals at the start of the semester and keep track of them weekly. In a traditional classroom, you will frequently be reminded of a task’s next due date, either verbally or visually.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have allotted enough time to complete the task. You can make the most of your online class by being organised, proactive, and self-aware.

Take good care of your time.

One of the most appealing aspects of taking classes online is the ability to create your own schedule. However, if you lack strong time management skills, this freedom can be detrimental.

You may be overcrowded before class or turn in poor assignments if you do not have them.

Make a dedicated study area.

Create a separate learning environment for studying. You will develop a routine by completing your work there on a regular basis. It’s critical to figure out what kind of environment will work best for you.

Setting up a regular office or workspace will also aid in your organisation. When arranging your study space, make sure to:

  • Have a high-speed internet connection
  • Have the necessary books, materials, and software for the course.
  • Have headphones for listening to lectures or discussions (especially important in shared spaces)

Approach an online course with the proper mindset.

For online classes, you must have the discipline to sit down and work on it, as well as the determination to finish the course. Although you can be flexible about when you finish your work during the week, you cannot put it off indefinitely.

Treat your online classes as you would a traditional class.

Remove all distractions.

You will encounter numerous distractions that can easily derail your studies, particularly from social media. The best online students understand how to minimise distractions and set aside time to focus.

The degree to which these distractions present a challenge will be determined by your own unique personality and situation.

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Universities in Australia that provide free online certificate courses

If you want to study online, here are the top five universities to start with.

University of New England

UNE is Australia’s best online university in terms of overall performance. UNE is Australia’s second-largest online university and is ranked highly in the fields of art, business, education, and science. UNE achieves exceptionally high levels of satisfaction and salary for university graduates.

Deakin University

Deakin University is strong in education, engineering, health, and information technology, according to course ratings and depth. Cloud (online) studies are available for students who are unable (or do not wish to) attend classes in person on a regular basis.

University of Charles Sturt
The CSU is the country’s largest online university. It provides a diverse range of courses and is vital to regional studies in New South Wales. CSU is extremely important in the fields of information technology, art, and science.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

is a large online university that offers courses in almost every subject. Engineering and health are among the more powerful faculties.

University of Edith Cowan

Although ECU is not the largest online university, it outperforms many others in terms of course satisfaction. It is the most powerful in business and law.

Free Online Courses in Australia

Here is a list of Free Online Courses with Certificates in Australia that you can use to learn valuable programmes to advance your career or academic goals.

  1. Online Accounting Courses
  2. Online Administration Diploma
  3. Online Economics Courses
  4. Online Entrepreneurship Courses
  5. Online Courses on Strategic management: Be Competitive (Coursera)
  6. Excel Skills for Business: Advanced (Coursera)
  7. Evaluating Problems (Coursera)
  8. Free Online Project Management Courses
  9. Business Communication
  10. Introduction to Actuarial Science
  11. Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker (Coursera)
  12. Gathering and Developing the News (Coursera)
  13. Introduction to Social Psychology
  14. Critical Development Perspectives
  15. Leading the Organization

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15 Leading the Organization

This course is intended for professionals and managers looking for new leadership roles, as well as current leaders in organisations, who are switching between leadership roles or organisations.

Our faculty and industry experts teach you the critical concepts that will help you better understand, operate, and succeed in your company’s leadership roles.Australian Government free online courses with Certificates 2023


14 Critical Development Perspectives

This course is part of the MicroMasters programme in Leadership in Global Development. To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you have prior development experience or a strong interest in development.

We also recommend that you complete the MicroMasters Leadership in Global Development program’s other three courses: Leaders in Global Development, Science and Practice in Sustainable Development, and Adaptive Leadership in Development.

13 Introduction to Social Psychology

Social psychology helps us understand how people perceive themselves and others, as well as what motivates their behaviour in social situations.

This course covers a variety of topics in social psychology, including how we think about ourselves, others, and how we interact and communicate with others.

We will also talk about how we influence others and how they can influence us. Finally, we examine some troubling aspects of human behaviour, such as prejudice and aggression.

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12 News Gathering and Development (Coursera)

Journalists gather information from sources and interviews. These crucial skills are quickly mastered by the most successful journalists.

Journalism is made up of several components, including gathering news, interviewing sources, researching, and attempting to find as much information as possible.

This course also teaches you how to find information, conduct interviews, and prepare information for publication from a variety of sources.

11 Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker (Coursera)

How do you see yourself as a potential leader in a complex and ambiguous work environment in the future? How can you put your vision into action in a way that makes sense and drives positive change in your organisation?

This course will teach you how to create and communicate a compelling vision, as well as how to create meaning and make work more meaningful.



Government free online courses with certificates



10 Introduction to Actuarial Science

The course has been carefully designed for students from a wide range of backgrounds, with the only requirement for a mathematical background being secondary/high school.

Even if you have no prior experience with analysis, the course has been designed so that you can skip these sections without affecting your understanding of the rest of the course.

9 Business Communication

This course, part of the Soft Skills Professional Certificate programme, assists you in uncovering the secrets of business success by understanding work culture.

You will learn how to convey common meanings in personal and distant professional relationships through language and nonverbal communication.

You will learn techniques for effectively and succinctly communicating your business ideas to a broad audience and ensuring that even the most complex concepts are understood.

8 Free Online Project Management Courses

Leading universities and colleges offer free online project management courses. Project management requires extensive business skills and knowledge. We’ve compiled a list of free and completely online project management courses.

You could also take free online courses on leadership teams, business planning, and finance. These and many other areas of business are relevant to project management.Short courses online free

7 Evaluating Problems (Coursera)

Great History – Complex Problems teaches you revolutionary new problem-solving techniques. We attempt to solve complex problems in an unprecedented way, with lectures from over 50 experts from all faculties at Macquarie University.

PROBLEM EVALUATION demonstrates how people think – biologically, neurologically, and philosophically – and how to use 5,000 years of evolving disciplinary approaches to solve problems more effectively.

6 Excel Skills for Business: Advanced (Coursera)

Spreadsheet software is still one of the most common software components used in offices around the world. You can add an extremely valuable asset to your employability portfolio if you learn to use this software safely.

Every day, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel knowledge are published around the world.

5 Online Courses on Strategic Management;Be Competitive in Management (Coursera)

In today’s global high-tech business environment, the ability to think strategically is critical to ensuring that your company survives and grows in the future.

You improve your strategic thinking skills by breaking down business strategy and value creation into their essential components.

You will learn how to improve your company’s competitiveness through structured learning activities such as video lectures, quizzes, discussions, and written assessments.

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4 Entrepreneurship Courses Online

Being an entrepreneur necessitates a set of serious skills to back up your great idea and willingness to try. You will learn how to run a business and start new ones in online courses for entrepreneurs.

Marketing, international business, business strategy, corporate governance, virtual team management, research and development, innovation strategies, and commercialisation are among the topics covered in entrepreneurial programmes.

3 Online Economics Courses

You will learn how economies and markets work by studying economics online. They also improve their analytical and report writing abilities.

Top business graduates work for government agencies and large corporations as professional economists. An economics degree, on the other hand, is useful for other business careers.

2 Online Administration Diploma

An online diploma in business administration provides you with skills that will help you throughout your career. Budgeting, developing corporate documents, holding meetings and events, and managing teams are all topics covered in a business administration course.

1 Accounting Courses Online

Accounting courses online prepare students to become professional accountants or to pursue other business careers.

Accounting degrees can be earned entirely online.

Students can join professional associations by selecting appropriate course units.
Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees satisfy the educational requirements for professional accreditation.

What do I need to get started with an online course in Australia?

Because Australia is a technologically advanced country, the majority of the items you will require for your online certificate programme are already available at your local store. So you can prepare for the adventure by acquiring and assembling these items. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials.

A Functional Computer

It makes no difference whether the computer is a laptop or a desktop as long as there are no technical issues. You must inspect your computer in order to make any necessary soft or hard changes or updates.

To ensure that your computer can keep up with your education, keep an eye on your processor, RAM, and memory.

The appropriate operating system

To enrol in online courses, PC users must have at least Windows XP. Depending on the type of media and interactive programmes that students use, some Australian universities may prefer Vista or Windows 7.

OS X 10.4 or later is generally sufficient for Mac users. Newer operating systems, on the other hand, aid in the performance of your online content.

Web browsers and relevant software applications

Most online courses require a good office suite and a web browser. You can use the standard Windows and Mac options, or you can download free open source alternatives such as Open Office.

Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, instant messaging, and antivirus software may also be required.

The same is true for web browsers. Although the most recent versions of Explorer and Safari are sufficient, most online courses can also be viewed using Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and other updated browsers.

Reliable Internet Access

To stay current, you must have constant internet access. Slow internet will not be tolerated here. Most online education programmes require a cable modem or a fast DSL connection to function.

If high-speed internet is out of your price range, go to your local library or café and use their free WiFi connection.

That’s All on Australian Government 2023 Free Online Courses


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