University of Southern California-USC-Acceptance Rate 2027/2023

University of Southern California-USC-Acceptance Rate 2027/2023

University of Southern California-USC-Acceptance Rate 2027/2023

The University of Southern California has admissions statistics that place it among the top 50 most competitive undergraduate admissions programmes in the world. Acceptance rates at the University of Southern California have been declining for the past eight years and are almost certain to continue in the future, as they have at all elite institutions.

The application process for the University of Southern California’s Class of 2023 was the most difficult it has ever been. The University of Southern California received 64,256 applications for the Class of 2023, with 8,258 accepted, yielding an acceptance rate of 12.9 percent. Overall applications increased by 14.7% year on year, from 56,000 to 64,256. (2021 to 2023).

University of Southern California (USC) Acceptance Rate

The University of Southern California (USC) average acceptance rate is 12%.

According to calculations, only 12 out of 100 applicants will be able to study at USC. As a result, the University of Southern California is extremely selective and competitive.
Transferring to a new college can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. As a result, we took the time to explain USC transfer rates to you. This will aid in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Transfer students are accepted at the University of Southern California (USC) at a rate of 24.57 percent. Transfer acceptance rates are slightly higher than standard acceptance rates.

So, if you want to transfer to USC, here is a list of documents to consider.

Admission ItemRequired?High School TranscriptRequired of AllCollege TranscriptRequired of AllEssay or Personal StatementRequired of AllInterviewNot RequiredStandardized Test ScoresRequired of SomeStatement of Good Standing from Prior InstitutionNot Required

GPA Requirements at USC
Have you considered applying to USC? Check out our article on GPA Requirements. It contains helpful information on USC GPA requirements, ACT scores, Essays, and more! Learn about other factors that will affect your application as well. If you’ve applied to several universities, follow these guidelines to get the best grades possible. USC requires applicants to have a high school GPA of at least 3.0. If you received a mix of A’s and B’s, make sure you have more A’s than B’s. If you have lower grades, you can compensate by enrolling in more difficult classes. Taking more difficult classes will demonstrate that you are capable of handling more difficult academics.

How many applicants did USC get 2023?

The Class of 2023 was the most difficult year in University of Southern California admissions history. The University of Southern California received 64,256 applications for the Class of 2023, with 8,258 accepted, yielding an overall acceptance rate of 12.9 percent. Overall applications increased by 14.7% from 56,000 to 64,256 between 2021 and 2023.

Unweighted GPA
While many colleges consider weighted GPA requirements for admission to be the most important factor, USC also considers unweighted GPA. AP courses raise your weighted GPA but have no effect on your unweighted GPA. The unweighted GPA requirements for USC are listed below. Continue reading to learn more about these standards. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you succeed at USC.

First, look into the acceptance rate at the University of Southern California. Despite having a 16% acceptance rate, USC is a popular school with nearly 60,000 applicants each year. Students with a 3.88 unweighted GPA or higher are more likely to be accepted. In addition to race/ethnicity and paid work, USC values extracurricular activities, talent/ability, and character/personal characteristics.

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SAT and ACT Requirements at USC
USC does not require or encourage students to submit ACT or SAT scores for consideration. Although students who do not submit their scores are not penalised, USC students who choose to take the tests do not have a better chance of acceptance. USC’s test-optional policy does not penalise international or homeschooled students. High test scores are a great way to demonstrate that you are prepared for the challenges of a California university if you want to attend USC.

The GPA requirements at USC are straightforward. In general, a student must have a GPA of 3.79 or higher overall. A high school GPA should be a mix of A’s and B’s, with an emphasis on A’s. A student’s weighted GPA will benefit from high grades in AP or IB classes. High grades, on the other hand, will not make or break an applicant’s chances, especially if the classes were related to his major. However, a few Bs or lower grades should be reserved for courses that are unrelated to his major.


Essays at USC can be difficult, but with a few pointers, you can succeed. First and foremost, you must understand what the essay prompts require. USC will emphasise leadership and accomplishments because they provide the school with extra points. Volunteering or working in the community can both be forms of community involvement. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your distinct personality. However, both components are not required in an essay.

Essays should demonstrate school research. The essay should not read like a “robotic list” of items, but rather demonstrate that you have researched and learned about the school. You should also connect your research to your values and goals.Be specific, but not too general. The GPA requirements for essays at USC do not guarantee acceptance. You can, however, try to meet them by being creative and authentically expressing yourself.

Test scores
While there is no formal USC GPA requirement based on test scores, high scores can give you an advantage over other applicants. USC does not require test scores but does accept both the SAT and ACT. You should be able to submit scores for both tests if you are applying from outside the country or from a home-schooled school. Although standardised test scores are not required at USC, they are an excellent way to compensate for any shortcomings in other areas.

USC’s admissions process is also based on academic merit, with the majority of admitted students graduating in the top 10% of their class. High grades in difficult classes are preferable because they demonstrate the ability to handle the rigors academic rigour at USC. Personality, values, and character are also taken into account by admissions officers, as are letters of recommendation. They also look for spirit and contributions to the USC community.


So, here is the list of documents for consideration if you want to transfer to USC.

Admission Item Required?
High School Transcript Required of All
College Transcript Required of All
Essay or Personal Statement Required of All
Interview Not Required
Standardized Test Scores Required of Some
Statement of Good Standing from Prior Institution Not Required
list of documents for consideration if you want to transfer to USC.

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USC Admission Requirements For International Students

The University of Southern California, with foreign students from 135 nations and regions, reflects the rich diversity of the global community.

International students are those who are currently living in the United States and have other non-immigrant visas (such as an E2, H2, or L2)

General admission requirements for international students:

  • Completed application form
  • All academic transcripts from high school/ senior secondary levels
  • Completed high school
  • English Language Requirements- TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE Academic scores
  • Self-reported grades form
  • Submit any additional documents as requested by the USC Office of Admission.

Admission Requirements

International students interested in applying to the University of South California should follow the admission process below:

  • Complete the admission application and also submit the required documents.
  • Apply for a study permit and entry visa once you receive an acceptance letter from the university.
  • Students can obtain applications for these documents from a U.S embassy or consulate before departing.
  • Furthermore, international students who face unexpected challenges during their stay in the United States can apply for private loans with a qualified co-signer who is a U.S. citizen.

University of Southern California Student Life
Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and events offered at USC. Many USC events are held to raise awareness of USC clubs and organisations. Students may wear Trojan attire such as a sundress or shorts with an athletic jersey. USC students can also be seen setting up tables and booths to promote a variety of groups and clubs, such as Asian and black student associations, awareness organisations, and political groups.

Diversity is an important aspect of student life at USC. Although the university is predominantly White, it has a sizable minority population, with more than 60% of students identifying as people of colour or minorities. On campus, there are many people of different genders and ethnicities, including Asians, Native Americans, and Latinxs. Furthermore, women outnumber men in the USC faculty, with a 54 percent female to 46 percent male ratio.

USC has added a Social Justice and Inclusion chair to each Building and Residential Student Government to increase diversity. These students attend a diversity seminar once a week and assist in the facilitation of diversity-focused programmes in residence halls. To promote diversity among students, the Office of Residential Education organises diversity-themed Cardinal & Gold events and runs an Intergroup Dialogue programme. Furthermore, the campus is expanding diversity education in residence halls, with plans to launch additional programmes during Welcome Week.

In addition, USC recently hired fourteen full-time faculty members, twelve of whom are people of colour. Six of these are women and four are men. Of course, the new faculty members’ names have yet to be revealed. Only four of these appointments are for tenure-track positions. The remainder are multi-year contract faculty positions. These positions are known as “RTPCs” at USC, which stands for Research, Teaching, Professional, and Clinical.

Room and board are very expensive at USC. In their first year, students who live on campus must pay $19,876. This amount is higher for first-year, full-time students. Living off campus is more expensive for students, who pay an average of $14,951 per year. If you’re wondering how much it will cost to attend USC, compare prices. You can figure out how much you’ll need to spend by using websites like College Combat.
The USC campus is vast, with two main libraries housing over a million books. Trojan Grounds and Ground Zero are two popular cafeterias. Cardinal Gardens, Fluor Tower, Pardee Tower, and 30th Street Villas are among the many housing options.If you do not intend to live on campus, you can choose off-campus housing such as 30th Street Villas.

The cost of living on campus differs from that of home, so plan accordingly. Understanding your costs will assist you in preparing for the financial burden of attending UofSC. However, you should be aware that the cost of living in Los Angeles will be higher than in your hometown. To avoid becoming stressed about the budget, you should plan carefully. You’ll need to work to cover your living expenses while attending USC.

University of Southern California-USC-Acceptance Rate 2027/2023

If you want to be a celebrity and work in the film industry, the University of Southern California is a good place to start (USC). You’ll be surrounded by brilliant faculty and the most recent technological advancements, ranging from augmented reality to artificial intelligence.

You’ll also have the chance to meet students from all over the world. Despite the fact that USC is a private university, financial aid is available to qualified students who require it.

The University of Southern California has a large campus and numerous research centres, such as the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, the East Asian Studies Center, and the Southern California Earthquake Center. It also has twenty libraries and extensive art and science collections, including a renowned film and television library. Aside from its academic reputation, USC is a popular filming location. Students benefit from cutting-edge technology and the expertise of leading Hollywood professionals at USC, which is known for its innovative research.

USC tutors can assist you if you are having difficulty keeping up with your course load. These experts can answer all of your questions via video chat or a virtual whiteboard. They can also help you prepare for tests, assignments, and exams. They can also assist you in studying for upcoming tests if you are a college student. Tutoring at USC can be an extremely beneficial tool for improving your grades.

The main goals of student life at USC are to promote student growth and involvement, as well as Total Student Development, which prepares students for independent living outside of the academic environment. Student organisations, such as the Associated Student Organization (ASO), are an excellent way to get involved in student life. They enable students to express themselves and participate in campus democratic processes. Participation in these organisations, however, is optional.

The Student Life Office provides a variety of activities and programmes to encourage student engagement and diversity. The Summer Bridge Program offers academic planning, tutoring, and student leadership opportunities to students. Cultural events, study skills seminars, FAFSA workshops, and personal counselling are all part of the Summer Bridge Program. All Summer Bridge programmes offer a supportive environment in which students can learn and grow. Participating in these activities fosters academic excellence and social integration while also providing opportunities for mentoring relationships with future USC faculty and staff.

Student organisations are free to organise and run events as long as they follow University policies. Student organisations must submit statements of purpose, rules, and procedures, as well as a list of current officers and members. All students are welcome to join student organisations, and all of these activities can be found in the Student Life and Leadership Programs. They’re also a great place to learn about campus activities.

Medical services
Students at USC have a variety of health care options. USC Student Health Centers are full-service health centres that provide primary care and, when necessary, refer patients to speciality care or off-campus providers. The USC Student Health Fee covers health care services and is charged to your student account if you have earned six or more units. You may see a physician, a nurse, a physician assistant, or a psychologist, depending on your treatment plan.

USC Student Health is the university’s student health plan, which collaborates with the student health centres on campus. Students should seek primary care at student health centres because they are the closest to campus.

Those without insurance can opt out of the programme by demonstrating that they have health insurance through another source. However, some insurance plans do not cover Los Angeles, so you must ensure that you can get quality care wherever you are.

USC SHIP also collaborates with Array Behavioral Health Services, which provides video chats with mental health and medical professionals. USC SHIP covers array services, and those who have waived USC SHIP can also use them. For more information on the programme, contact the student’s insurance provider. These services offer a variety of health-care options, including mental health and disability care.

Study in another country
Undergraduate students at USC have several study abroad options. These programmes are intended to assist students in meeting the costs of studying abroad, such as vaccinations, plane tickets, and passport fees. To apply, students must first apply for financial aid and be accepted for a full semester or year of study abroad. Students may apply for funding for a programme prior to the normal disbursement schedule. Several programmes provide pre-arranged transportation for students throughout the semester.

Students can choose from semester-long or year-long programmes in nearly 30 countries, depending on their course of study. Programs can range from hospital volunteer work to laboratory research, as well as internships with the Australian government in Canberra and Costa Rica. Students can also take part in weekly field trips to China’s historical sites and museums. The University of Southern California is committed to assisting students in achieving their objectives. The USC Language Center encourages foreign language study and offers instruction in 15 languages.

Students must apply for admission to study abroad at USC Overseas Studies. Students must be accepted by USC’s Overseas Studies office in order to study in Madrid. The Title IX office at USC will also look into student conduct records. Studying abroad can help with both academic and professional development. It will improve students’ skills and broaden their horizons. Studying abroad also improves students’ communication abilities. They will gain valuable global internship experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions About the University of Southern California Acceptance Rate

What is the acceptance rate at USC?
The average acceptance rate at the University of Southern California (USC) is 13%. According to calculations, only 12 out of 100 applicants will be able to study at USC. As a result, the University of Southern California is extremely selective and competitive.

Is admission to the University of Southern California difficult?
A 12 percent acceptance rate demonstrates how competitive their admission rates can be.
As a result, having a very high admission score is critical.

What is the USC GPA requirement?
Your GPA should be 3.78 or higher in order to be admitted to USC.

Is the University of Southern California a reputable institution?
Yes, USC is a good university. Indeed, according to several international and local rankings, USC is the best university in the United States. It is also one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Is the SAT required for USC admission?
In addition to having a high grade point average throughout high school, applicants must have high SAT (Reasoning) or ACT scores.


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