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Uniliver Internship Program without IELTS 2023

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Uniliver Internship Program without IELTS 2023

Uniliver Internship Program without IELTS 2023

The application for the Unilever Internship is now open; Unilever has recently announced an internship opportunity for students. Candidates looking for internship opportunities in multinational corporations should apply for the Unilever internship. Candidates of both genders are encouraged to apply for this internship programme.

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Unilever is a global family of 148,000 people. Unilever is a global corporation with global ambitions. Apply for a Unilever internship and gain hands-on experience in company practical work while working with Unilever professional staff. Unilever training will not only enhance your CV, but will also help you secure future job opportunities.

Summer internships at Unilever are available in all countries. Unilever Internships without IELTS pay well for all interns. Interns at Unilever can also apply for permanent job placements. Applicants can join the 150,000-strong Unilever team by participating in the Unilever Internships Program. Send your applications for Unilever’s Summer internships programme 2022.

Why Should You Consider a Unilever Internship?

Unilever believes young individuals are potent change agents. Unilever is looking for a young, dynamic individual who is energetic, passionate, positive, and innovative. Working for Unilever means having a long-term future, both personally and environmentally.

Unilever offers an inspiring workplace with a vibrant atmosphere, enthusiastic employees, and a focus on purpose-driven sustainability. So, if you’re motivated to help the environment, explore beyond your comfort zone, and develop as a person, Unilever was made for you.

Unilever is a multinational corporation with a mission to improve business and the environment. Unilever has 400 brands that are present in households all around the globe. In the United States and Canada, popular brands include Dove, Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Magnum, Axe, Ben & Jerry’s, Degree, Q-tips, Seventh Generation, St. Ives, Suave, TRESemmé, and Vaseline.

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Unilever’s vision is to be a global leader in sustainable business, demonstrating how the company’s purpose-led and futuristic business model produces exceptional results. It has a long history of being progressive and socially responsible.

Unilever’s founder, William Lever, created the world’s first meaningful brand, Sunlight Soap, over 100 years ago, and that meaningfulness has remained at the foundation of how Unilever manages its business to this day.

Unilever Internship Sponsorship Benefits

Unilever’s goal is to make sustainable lifestyles more widely available. It strives to make the business and the world a better place. Unilever believes that it can only succeed with the best people, which is why its dynamic rewards and perks are designed to help you and your progress.

It is critical to remember that the advantages may vary depending on location and placement. The following list of rewards and benefits is not an exhaustive list of the benefits of working for Unilever. When you join the company, you will be given more information about the benefits package. The policy is subject to change and may differ from the examples provided above.

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1# Competitive Remuneration:

When you join Unilever, you will be offered a competitive salary right away.

2# Learning and Growth:

With hands-on exposure, coaching, and formal training, you will work collaboratively to empower and boost your professional development. There are other ways to get to the Discovery Center for the Unilever Future Leaders Program.

3# Health:

Unilever is passionate about people’s health and well-being. As a result, Unilever offers on-site gyms, regular medical exams, and a comprehensive package of mental health and well-being tools.

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4# Work Flexibility:

Unilever encourages flexible working, which means you can work from anywhere, at any time, as long as the company’s needs are met – giving you more freedom and a work-life balance that works for you.

5th # Holiday:

Unilever provides 25 days of vacation plus bank holidays per year.

What Career Opportunities Does Unilever Provide Students?
Participating in one of Unilever’s placement programmes is the first step towards getting a head start. This opportunity allows you to join Unilever’s team and work together to improve the company and the world around you. Top performers in the Summer and Industrial Placement Programs are given several accelerated opportunities in the final phase of the Unilever Future Leaders Program.

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) is a three-year programme that introduces you to Unilever’s 400 diverse brands, business, and sustainability practises. You will not only bring your unique perspective to the workplace, but you will also investigate your mission through a variety of assignments.

You’ll benefit from formal training, gain on-the-job experience, and have access to mentorship when needed. Every day, try something new and embark on an exciting professional adventure with Unilever.

You will gain the following benefits from the Unilever Future Leaders Program:

Be inspired to make a difference and put your purpose into action.
Meet people who are different but similar to you.
Develop into your best self.
What Is the Unilever Internship Program Like?

2-4 years of rapid expansion
Non-traditional learning opportunities
Global exposure
Diverse roles and experiences in leading and participating in meaningful work
A path to personal development
Multiple rotations within and between functions
A dedicated senior career sponsor to assist you in developing your career.
Criteria for Applying for Unilever Internships
Each location may also include its own programme eligibility requirements.

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The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in any field or discipline.

Summer Internship

A 12-week placement in a specialised role will begin in June for students nearing the end of their first or second year who will return to university after the placement.

Placement in Industry

A 12-month placement in a specialised role that begins in June for students in their final year who intend to continue their education after the placement.

What Are the Internship Opportunities at Unilever?
You can gain experience as an intern with Unilever by working in any of the following areas:

Marketing Development & Research
Client Development
Human Resources Finance Supply Chain Communications
Legal Aspects of Information Technology
Procurement of Ben and Jerry’s Factory

How to Apply

Step 1: Submit an online application

The application procedure is straightforward. You will go to Unilever’s website to fill out the online application form and explain why you want to work for Unilever and which placement programme you prefer.

If you want to work full-time in any region of the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or European countries, you can search for the position you want on Unilever’s website and apply!

Step 2: Conduct a digital interview

If your online application and motivation are successful, you will be asked to participate in a digital interview. If you apply for Finance, you will be required to take the Numerical Reasoning Test before proceeding to the interview.

Step 3: Create a Virtual Discovery Center

You will be invited to spend a virtual day following in the footsteps of Unilever, taking part in business challenges, the Purpose Hub, and an interview.


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