International Excellence Scholarship at James Cook University 2023

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Are you a high-achieving student looking to pursue your Bachelors or Masters degree abroad? If so, the International Excellence Scholarship at James Cook University (JCU) might be the perfect opportunity for you! JCU is offering this scholarship to outstanding students from various countries, except Australia, who wish to study any subject offered by the university.

Scholarship Details:

The scholarship covers 25% of the tuition fees for the entire duration of the approved full-degree study program. This means you can focus on your academic pursuits while receiving significant financial support.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the International Excellence Scholarship, you need to meet the following criteria:

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  1. Nationality: Open to all nationals, except those from Australia.
  2. Academic Excellence: You must be a high-achieving student with an excellent academic record.
  3. Region: Applicants from the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, PNG, and the Middle East are eligible to apply.
  4. Eligible Programs: Most full-degree study programs are eligible, but some, such as end-on honors degrees, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, and online/non-award programs, are excluded.
  5. Scholarships/Sponsorships: Students already covered by Australia Awards, SACM scholarships, or any other government scholarships/sponsorships that fully cover tuition fees are not eligible.
  6. Transferring Students: International students transferring from joint programs, as well as study abroad and exchange students, are also ineligible.
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Application Process:

The best part is that you don’t have to go through a separate application process for this scholarship! Scholarship eligibility is automatically assessed during the JCU admissions process. If you meet the criteria, you will receive an offer for your chosen program of study and the International Excellence Scholarship together.

Value of the Scholarship:

As a recipient of the International Excellence Scholarship, you will receive a 25% tuition fee reduction throughout the entire duration of your approved full-degree study program. The scholarship continues as long as you maintain a strong GPA each semester, providing continuous support for your academic journey.

Take the leap and apply to James Cook University with the added advantage of the International Excellence Scholarship. This opportunity could be your ticket to a world-class education and a bright future!

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Remember, the deadline for sending your application may vary, so be sure to check the official JCU website for the most up-to-date information. Don’t miss this chance to unlock your potential and excel in your chosen field of study!

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