Manchester Business School Loyalty Bursary 2023

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Are you dreaming of pursuing an MBA in Business Administration? The University of Manchester Business School is offering an exciting opportunity – the Loyalty Bursary 2023, specially designed for outstanding MBA applicants like you! If you are a graduate of The University of Manchester or UMIST, this is your chance to receive a 20% discount on tuition fees for the MBA program.

Who Can Apply?

The Loyalty Bursary is open to all nationals who have graduated from The University of Manchester or UMIST. As long as you meet this criterion, you are eligible to apply for this fantastic scholarship opportunity.

What Are the Qualifications?

To be considered for the Loyalty Bursary, you need to demonstrate the potential to make a significant contribution to the MBA program. Manchester Business School is looking for candidates who possess strong values and ethics, and who are committed to excelling in their academic and professional endeavors.

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Benefit of the Loyalty Bursary

The most exciting part – the successful applicants of the Manchester Business School Loyalty Bursary will receive a 20% discount on their tuition fees! This is a substantial reduction that can ease the financial burden of pursuing an MBA degree, allowing you to focus on your studies and personal growth.

Important Note

If you are an alumni who has already been awarded a scholarship of 20% or more, you will not be eligible to receive the Loyalty Bursary on top of that. However, if you haven’t received a scholarship before, this is the perfect chance to avail the Loyalty Bursary and get the discount on your tuition fees.

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Application Deadline

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! The deadline for submitting your application may vary, so make sure to check the Manchester Business School website for the most up-to-date information.

If you are ready to take your career to new heights with an MBA from a prestigious institution like Manchester Business School, don’t hesitate to apply for the Loyalty Bursary. Grab this chance to receive a 20% tuition fee discount and unlock a world of possibilities for your future in business administration!

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