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Canadian Government Newest Jobs

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Canadian Government newest Jobs with Salary

Canadian Government newest Jobs with Salary


International fresh graduates, as well as skilled and experienced professionals, can apply for Canadian jobs in 2023. Throughout the year, high-paying jobs in Canada are advertised in almost every field. It is relatively simple for international candidates to be hired by Canadian companies. As a result, each year, a large number of people fly to Canada in search of work.

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Canada is located on the continent of North America. Canada is divided into ten provinces. Each province has a large number of jobs available for international applicants in a variety of fields. Engineering, banking, and medical fields pay the highest salaries in Canadian companies. As a result, many international applicants want to work in Canada.

Work Visa Requirements and Procedures in Canada

The following salary packages must be included in the requirements for obtaining a Canadian Work VISA for international applicants:

  • Passports and other Travel Documents
    Report on Education
    Police certificate Medical report Written job offer from a Canadian company
    The following steps are involved in the Canadian work visa application process.
  • Apply online at the Canadian immigration portal with basic requirements.
    Provide fingerprints and a photograph to the applicant.
    Take your time with the application.
    Appear at the embassy for a Canadian Work VISA interview, then wait for the final decision on the applicant’s application.
    List of all Top-Rated Jobs in Canada
    The following are the top-rated jobs in Canada for international applicants.

List of Canadian Government Newest Jobs with Best Salary

12. Engineering Jobs in Canada

Engineering is the most popular job in Canada, with high salaries in a variety of industries. Engineers have a skill that allows them to be more successful than other companies. There are many engineers all over the world who can easily apply to various companies in Canada. In Canada today, there are nearly seven top engineering jobs.

  • Jobs in Electrical Engineering in Canada

Electrical engineering is one of the most difficult engineering disciplines in Canada. The top ten Canadian electrical companies are:

  • International Pheonix Energy Service Open System (OSI)
    BBA Altasteel Flour
    Crippen Berger Klohn
    These Canadian businesses require workers in the following areas:

Senior engineers in digital design
Electrical engineers with advanced degrees
Principal Senior Electrical Engineers
Electrical junior engineers
In Canada, the average annual salary for an electrical engineer is $77,867.

  • Jobs in Mechanical Engineering in Canada

Mechanical engineers are in high demand in Canada, as are electrical engineers.

Canadian National Resources (CNRL) CIMA+ Aecon Group Inc. Bantrel Co.
This is Canada’s leading mechanical firm. These companies have high expectations of their employees.

Managers of design
Engineers of design
Spare Parts Inventory Coordinators
Planners of Electro-Instrument Maintenance
The annual salary of a mechanical engineer is $68,959.

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  • Jobs in Biomedical Engineering in Canada

Canada is currently in need of biomedical engineers who can work with and improve medical technologies, making this one of the most sought-after engineering fields. Biomedical Engineering jobs are available.

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Medical Equipment Technologist Technical Officer
Seasonal Trainer
In Canada, the average salary for a Biomedical Engineer is $115,251 per year and $55 per hour.

  • Jobs in Civil Engineering in Canada

Civil engineers have been in high demand over the years to help plan, design, and manage new infrastructure projects, as well as to assist in the maintenance of ageing structures. Top Civil Engineering firms in Canada include

Worley AECON CNRL Golder PCL Construction Worley
The most difficult Civil Engineering jobs in Canada are as follows:

Civil Engineer Intermediate

Technologist in Civil Engineering
Technical Sales Rep QC Technician Site Department Project Manager
A Civil Engineer’s starting salary is $60,113 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $107,250 per year.

  • Jobs in Mining Engineering in Canada

Mining engineering is opposed by a rapidly ageing workforce and rising job demand in Canada. The largest mining corporations are

Nutrien Ltd. Earnings (TTM)
Teck Resources Ltd. First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Barrick Gold Corp.
The mining engineering jobs available for international applicants are listed below.

Manager Open Pit Mining Engineer Technologist Long-Range Planner
A Mining Engineer’s average salary ranges from $83,439 to $148,081.

Jobs in Geotechnical Engineering in Canada

  • Geotechnical engineering has a high demand for job growth in the future, but there is currently a geotechnical engineer shortage. These are the most well-known Geotechnical Engineering companies in Canada.

Golder Associates Inc.
Foster Wheeler Amec
The following are the most difficult jobs in Geotechnical Engineering in Canada:

  • Engineer in Geotechnical Engineering

Material Technician Geotechnical Engineering Technologist
Engineering Intern Geotechnist in Training
In Canada, the average annual salary for a Geotechnical Engineer is $79,422. A Geotechnical Engineer can earn up to $115,794 per year in Canada.

  • Canada’s Software Engineering
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One of the most popular engineering fields in Canada is software engineering. The top software engineering firms in Canada are

International applicants can apply to these companies in the fields of Shopify Point Click Care Developer TTT Studios Prodigy Game.

Software Business Analyst Software Development Java Department Network Engineer Senior Software Engineer
The starting salary is $75,939 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $135,000 per year.

International candidates can apply for engineering jobs in Canada by completing an online application through the PEO website. The online application will include basic requirements such as two years of experience in relative engineering.

11. Jobs in the Health Care Sector in Canada

Jobs in Canada’s healthcare sector are in high demand. There are more opportunities for international applicants to work in the health care sector in Canada. A career in health care could lead to a rewarding and successful career. Many businesses operate in the Health Care sector in Canada. The most well-known are

  • Health Services in Alberta

Mc Kesson University Health Network Philips Abbott Canada is also offering job opportunities in the health care sector to international applicants, and their contact information is as follows:

  • Jobs for Physiotherapists in Canada

A physiotherapist works with patients who have limited mobility and is affected by pain, disease, or injury. Salaries for physiotherapists range from $57,000 to $96,000 per year in public and private practise.

  • Jobs for Occupational Therapists in Canada

Occupational therapists assist people who have physical disabilities or injuries in their daily lives. The average annual salary for occupational therapists is $48,963.

  • Jobs for Dental Hygienists in Canada

Dental hygienists provide dental hygiene services and treatments to improve oral health. Dental hygiene specialists provide dental services in Canadian hospitals and clinics and earn a good living. They typically work in dentist offices and health clinics or as independent contractors. Dental Hygienists earn an average annual salary of $77,670.

  • Jobs for Registered Nurses (RN) in Canada

Registered Nurses (RN) provide nursing care to patients, as well as health education programmes and consultation on nursing practises. A Registered Nurse’s (NR) hourly wage is $36.

  • Jobs for Nurse Practitioners in Canada

Nurse practitioners are classified as allied primary health practitioners because they provide primary health care and treatment alongside physicians and in collaboration with other health professionals. A Nurse Practitioner earns an annual salary of $ 117,670.

International candidates can apply for a healthcare job in Canada via the healthcare Recruitment Agency. Chris Talbot is one of the top healthcare agencies that provides many opportunities for foreigners.

10. Canadian Construction Jobs Available in Canada

Construction workers are in high demand in the majority of Canadian provinces. And, because Canada is constantly growing, there will be a constant need for construction workers. Many well-known construction companies operate in Canada, including:

Turner Building Company

Euro Canadian Building Corp.
Graham Engineering & Construction Inc.
MGI Construction Corp. Ryan Murphy Construction Inc.
The following construction designations are widely available in Canada.

  • Engineer in Training (EIT) Positions in Canada

You may be granted this designation if your engineering transcripts are accepted by the Canadian engineering body. In Canada, the average engineer (EIT) salary is $58,000 per year.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Jobs in Canada

Obtaining a Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification is thought to be a more appropriate global designation for project management professionals. In Canada, the average annual salary for a project management professional is $78206.

Chartered Member (MRICS) Canadian Job Opportunities, Specifically for Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors An MRICS selection is respected throughout Canada. In Canada, the average MRICS salary is $88,437 per year.

Professional Quantity Surveyors (POS) A Canadian designation for Quantity Surveyors, similar to MRICS, published by the Canadian Association of Consulting Quantity Surveyors (CACQS). In Canada, the average POS salary is $99,874 per year.

If the applicant is not a Canadian citizen, a work permit is required to work in Canada. So, first and foremost, international applicants will apply to IRCC for a work permit. An applicant can apply for a construction job in Canada after obtaining a work permit.

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9. Jobs in the Canadian Banking Sector

In Canada, there are six major banks that offer various designation jobs to foreigners:

Royal Bank of Scotland
The Montreal Bank
Imperial Bank of Commerce of Canada
The Nova Scotia Bank
Dominion Bank of Toronto
The Canadian National Bank
Many designations are required for international applicants to work at Canadian banks, including

Customer Service Representative
Junior Designer Investment & Personal Banking Specialist Personal Banker KYC Manager
Employers at Canadian Bank are paid handsomely. Each position has its own salary. As an example:

A Human Resources Assistant’s annual salary ranges from $55,543 to $60,130.
Finance Agent earns between $3,723 and $4,559 per month.
It is simple for international applicants to apply in Canadian banks. First, the applicant visits the home page of any bank. There will be a “Careers” or “Job Opportunities” option; click on it and follow the instructions.

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8. Government Sector Jobs in Canada

For international applicants, Canada has many government jobs available. These are as follows:

Job in the Transportation Sector Job in Health Care
Banking Positions in Canada
Police Officer in Canada
Job Opportunities for Canadian Firefighters
Different designations are used in various government job sectors.

The transportation industry provides drivers.
Doctors and nurses are in high demand in the health care industry.
Customer Care Advisor, KYC manager, and other positions are required by Canadian banks.
Job Opportunities for Canadian Police Officers
Professors, institute heads, principals, and school-level teachers can all find work in the teaching sector.
A driver’s starting salary is $65,000, and the top salary is around $90,000 per year.
In Canada, the average annual salary for a Doctor is $172,500.
A Finance Agent in a Canadian bank earns between $3,723 and $4,559 per month.
The Canadian Army pays between $35,820 and $62,424 per year.
The average salary for a School Teacher in Canada is $46,759 per year.
To apply for a government job in Canada, go to the official Canadian government website, search for the job, fill out an online application, and send it to the Canadian government.

7. Aviation Jobs in Canada

The Canadian Aviation Industry contributes significantly to the Canadian economy. Top Canadian aviation lines are following

Adlair Aviation Inc.
Air Canad Air Inuit Air Spray Adler Aviation
Canadian Aviation has a wide range of job opportunities, including:

Maintenance of Aircraft Engineers
Officers of screening
Scheduler of Crews
Aircraft Tow Operator Traveler Support Agent Canadian Aviation pays its employees well.

A Screening Officer’s hourly wage ranges from $18.93 to $21.52.
An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer earns an annual salary of $60,450.
A Crew Scheduler’s annual salary in the United States is $44,275.
A Flight Attendant earns $45,533 per year in Canada.
International applicants can apply for designations in Canadian aviation by searching online advertisements and submitting online applications.

6 IT Sector Jobs in Canada

Many Canadian IT companies offer many jobs in various designations to international applicants. These businesses are following

Inc. Yardstick Technologies
Adastra Deltalyz Corporation
Computan Pemeco Consulting
Companies that have been mentioned have a rating of around 5 stars. These businesses provide a variety of IT jobs, including

IT customer service representative
Some salaries for various designations are listed below: Vice President of Information Technology Service Desk Technology System IT Analyst I Information Technology System Administrator

A Vice President Information Technology is President Information Technology’s annual salary is estimated to be $197,571.
In Canada, the average service desk technician salary is around $54,395 per year.
An IT Intern’s annual salary is $57,024 on average.
International applicants are not permitted to apply for IT jobs in Canada directly. First and foremost, a skilled worker can apply for permanent residence through Express Entry programmes such as the Federal Skilled Worker programme. After that, apply for a work permit as a temporary resident. International applicants can apply for IT jobs in Canada after obtaining a work permit.

5. Machine Drivers Jobs in Canada

Many businesses in Canada require drivers from other countries. These businesses are as follows:

J&R Transportation Inc.
Paige Logistic Limited
CSA eShipper N&N Logistics Inc.
These Canadian companies require various drivers for various vehicles, such as

Drivers of Cranes, Buses, and Heavy Machines
Crane driver jobs are available in Canada. It contains

Materials Class 1 Driver Crane Service Technician Drivers Truck Driver Crane Operator Warehouse Crane Operator
A Truck Driver’s minimum hourly wage is $18 and his or her maximum hourly wage is $55. The following are bus driver jobs in Canada:

Charter Bus Driver School Bus Driver Handydart Bus Driver Shuttle Bus Driver Transit Bus Driver
Because there are different types of bus drivers in Canada, their pay varies. Bus drivers in Canada earn between $20.17 and $36.28 per hour on average.

Heavy Machine drivers can also find work in Canada.

Driver / Furniture Mover Class 1 Driver Heavy Truck WPG- Driver Assistance Truck Driver
In Canada, the minimum salary for a Heavy Machine Driver is $20 per hour and the maximum salary is $50 per hour. International applicants can apply online for a driver’s job in Canada with Foltz Trucking. Two years of driving experience is required for drivers.

4. Canadian Legal Positions

Foreign-trained lawyers may also practise law in any Canadian province. Top law firms in Canada include

LLP Borden Ladner Gervais
LLP Gowling Lafleur Henderson
Fasken Law Firm.
Norton Rose Fulbright.
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP is a law firm in London.
These Canadian law firms require layers in a variety of designations such as;

Legal assistants and clerks
Associate research assistants
Professors of Layer Law
Canadian law firms offer competitive salaries across the board. Some designations’ salaries are listed below.

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A Clerk’s annual salary ranges between $39,000 for entry-level positions and $65,000 for experienced positions.
The annual salary of a Legal Assistant is $45,863.
A Law Professor in Canada earns $190,962 per year.
A Paralegal Instructor earns around $61,485 per year.
A Legal Writer’s annual salary is around $62,295 on average.
To begin a career in law in Canada, international applicants must have a law degree and apply through the National Committee on Accreditation.

3. Canadian Insurance Positions

Insurance companies in Canada Play a critical role in the Canadian economy. The top-rated insurance companies in Canada are as follows:

BMO Life Insurance Company Assumption Life Beneva Blue Cross
Canada Life Insurance Corporation
In Canadian insurance companies, there are nearly five top insurance designations.

Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) (CPCU)
Certified Insurance Advisor (CIC)
Risk Manager Certification (CRM)
Associate in General Insurance (ARM) Associate in Risk Management (ARM) (AINS)
Employees at Canadian insurance companies are paid well. A Canadian Insurance Agent’s annual salary is approximately $47,500. Every job title has a salary associated with it, such as

CPCU’s annual salary is estimated to be $69,066.
CIC’s annual salary is estimated to be $45,032. Furthermore, the most experienced worker earns nearly $170,113 per year.
In Canada, the average ARM salary is $66,064 per year.
AINS employees are paid nearly $64,682 per year by Canadian Insurance Company.
International applicants can apply for any position in a required insurance company in the proper manner. First and foremost, update your CV and apply online for the desired position. Make certain that your qualifications are appropriate for the desired job, or you will be rejected.

2. Tourism Jobs in Canada

Tourism is important to the Canadian economy. Tourism expenditures are estimated to be $104.9 billion. It supports approximately one out of every ten jobs in Canadian communities and contributes approximately $43.5 billion in GDP.

Canada’s tourist attractions

The following are the best places to visit in Canada:

Nigeria Falls in Vancouver
National Park of Banff in Montreal
The tourism industry in Canada is made up of five distinct but important industry groups: housing, food and beverage services, relaxation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. Tourism jobs in Canada are also available to international applicants. Some related jobs and their pay rates are listed below.

Production Employer positions pay $31.31 per hour.
Remote travel consultant jobs pay $17.20 per hour.
Job as a Food and Beverage Server with a salary of $15.75 per hour.
Assistant jobs in tourism development pay $23 to $25 per hour.
Customer service Associate jobs pay $15 per hour.
First, international applicants must apply for a work permit from the Canadian visa office, and then they must obtain a tourism job offer from a Canadian employer. International applicants can now apply for the desired position.Canadian Government Newest Jobs

1. Canadian 5 Star Hotel Positions

Every year, many luxury 5-Star hotels in Canada hire thousands of people. They have many opportunities for international workers. Some 5 star luxury hotels in Canada are listed below;

M Hotel Blue Horizon Hotel Le Square in Montreal Philips Hotel and Suites Hotel Le Soliel by Executive Hotels Hotel BLU
Guests at these Canadian hotels have access to every amenity. In these hotels, many people are required to clean and prepare food. As a result, many jobs are available at 5 Star hotels for international applicants. For 5 Star hotels, the following designations are required:

Bell, the Magasinier/Storekeeper Stewards, Waiters, and Guestroom Attendants
Workers in 5 Star hotels in Canada earn a minimum of $39,975 per year and a maximum of $45,351 per year.Canadian Government Newest Jobs

FQAs on Canadian Government Newest Jobs with Best Salary

  • Which government job pays the most in Canada?

Doctor. Doctors have one of the best-paying jobs in the world, and Health Canada is particularly generous (with reason). Working as a doctor in the public sector comes with excellent benefits and pension plans, as well as a more stable income than in private practise.Canadian Government Newest Jobs

  • Which government position offers the highest starting salary?

Top 10 Best Government Jobs in India for Freshers

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) (Indian Administrative Service)
IPS (Indian Police Service)
The Indian Forest Service
ISRO scientists.
Officer of the RBI Grade B.
Clerk at the SBI.
PSU Positions
Foreign Services in India. Canadian Government Newest Jobs

  • Which government position pays the most?

This table lists the top 100 highest-paying jobs in the federal government in 2020, ranked by average pay. The highest-paid job in 2020 was “Medical Officer,” with an annual salary of $251,055. The runner-up job, “Medical Officer,” has an average salary of $251,055, a 0% decrease.Canadian Government Newest Jobs

  • Do government jobs in Canada pay well?

How much does the Canadian government earn? In Canada, the average government salary is $56,688 per year, or $29.07 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $39,000 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $97,500.Canadian Government Newest Jobs

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