UCL Undergraduate Bursary 2023

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Are you a UK student looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at University College London (UCL)? If so, the UCL Undergraduate Bursary might be just what you need to help with your studies. This scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible students from the UK, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder their educational aspirations.

Who Can Apply:

All undergraduate programs offered by UCL are eligible for the UCL Undergraduate Bursary. To be eligible for this bursary, students must be domiciled in the UK during their first year of study. Additionally, their household income should be less than GBP 42,875.

Part-Time Students Also Eligible:

If you are a part-time student studying at least 25% of the full-time equivalent, you are still eligible to receive a pro-rata bursary, provided your household income is GBP 42,875 or less.

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Scholarship Value:

The UCL Undergraduate Bursary offers partial funding, with amounts varying based on household income levels:

  1. Household income less than or equal to GBP 16,000 – Cash bursary of GBP 3,000.
  2. Household income more than GBP 16,000 and less than or equal to GBP 25,000 – Cash bursary of GBP 2,000.
  3. Household income more than GBP 25,000 and less than or equal to GBP 37,000 – Cash bursary of GBP 1,500.
  4. Household income more than GBP 37,000 and less than or equal to GBP 42,875 – Cash bursary of GBP 1,000.
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Easy Application Process:

Applying for the UCL Undergraduate Bursary is a straightforward process. You can find the application form on the UCL official website. The deadline for applications may vary, so it’s essential to stay updated and submit your application on time.

Investing in Your Future:

Education is an invaluable investment in your future, and the UCL Undergraduate Bursary aims to make it more accessible for deserving UK students. By offering financial support of up to GBP 3,000, this bursary can help ease the burden of educational expenses and allow you to focus on your studies and personal growth.

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