Professor T Prasad Memorial Award

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Every year, a prestigious scholarship is bestowed upon an exceptional undergraduate student enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The Professor T. Prasad Award, named in memory of the beloved Professor Tribhuvan Prasad, recognizes a student who has demonstrated outstanding academic growth, transforming their academic journey from 2B to 3A.

This merit-based scholarship not only celebrates academic excellence but also pays tribute to the remarkable contributions of a distinguished professor and the generosity of his family, friends, students, and coworkers.

Scholarship Details: The Professor T. Prasad Award is a coveted scholarship, and only one deserving student is honored each year.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be enrolled in the second or third year of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering at the University of Waterloo.
  2. Demonstrate remarkable academic progress by achieving a term average increase from 2B to 3A.
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Application Process: Unlike many scholarships that require a formal application, students are automatically considered for the Professor T. Prasad Award based on their academic performance. The faculty reviews the eligible students’ records and selects the most deserving candidate for the award.

Scholarship Renewability: The scholarship is renewable for qualified students. This means that the recipient has the opportunity to receive the award in successive years if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate exceptional academic progress.

Scholarship Announcement and Value: The specific scholarship amount is not disclosed, but rest assured that it is a significant financial reward. The announcement of the award recipient is not publicly disclosed, but the fortunate student will undoubtedly receive a well-deserved honor and recognition for their achievements.

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Inspiration Behind the Scholarship: The Professor T. Prasad Award is a tribute to the late Professor Tribhuvan Prasad, a devoted educator who had a profound impact on countless students’ lives. His passion for teaching and commitment to nurturing students’ potential made him an extraordinary teacher and distinguished professor. To honor his legacy, his family, friends, students, and colleagues generously contributed to this scholarship fund, aiming to inspire and support future generations of engineering students.


The Professor T. Prasad Award serves as a testament to the power of education and the lasting impact a dedicated teacher can have on their students.

Through this scholarship, the University of Waterloo continues to encourage and reward academic excellence, paving the way for exceptional students to excel in their engineering endeavors. The legacy of Professor Tribhuvan Prasad lives on, empowering aspiring engineers to reach for new heights in their educational journey.

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