Scholarship Tip #1: Look into Scholarships in Any Field of Study and Any Country

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Are you struggling to find a scholarship in your preferred field of study or in the university/country of your dreams? Don’t worry; there are still more opportunities to explore! One excellent resource for discovering scholarships is, which offers lists of scholarships in various fields of study and for studying in different countries.

While it’s ideal to search for scholarships specifically tailored to your field of study or the university/country you desire, exploring scholarships in any field of study and any country can provide you with added flexibility and a wider range of options.

Keep in mind that when we mention “scholarships in any field of study,” we refer to scholarships offered by universities or scholarship providers in various academic disciplines. Likewise, “scholarships in any university/country” means scholarships that can

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be pursued in any country or any university within a specific country, as specified by the scholarship provider. Nevertheless, there might be some limitations and exceptions in certain cases, so be sure to double-check the scholarship profile for any specific requirements.

An essential aspect to consider before applying is to review the “Fields of Study” section in the scholarship profile. Here, you will find a list of eligible programs or a link to the approved programs under the scholarship.

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Some scholarships may not cover certain fields of study, or they may have restrictions on studying in particular countries. In some cases, the scholarship provider may only consider a specific set of programs or countries as eligible for their scholarship program. Therefore, it’s crucial to confirm if your desired field of study or country is approved under the scholarship program before applying.

By taking advantage of’s comprehensive scholarship listings, you can expand your search and increase your chances of finding the perfect scholarship opportunity for your academic journey. Remember to review the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and any other relevant details provided by the scholarship providers. Good luck in your scholarship search and pursuit of higher education!

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