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Why Study at Brown University?

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Brown University, also known as Rhode Island College, holds a prestigious position as one of the elite Ivy League universities in the US. Its reputation attracts students from around the world, making it highly competitive to secure a seat in its hallowed halls. However, beyond its present fame and low student acceptance rate, Brown University boasts a rich cultural heritage and a list of notable achievements.

When it was established in 1764, Brown became the first university in the US to offer admissions to students regardless of their religious affiliation. Furthermore, in the late 19th century, the university was among the first in the US to grant doctoral degrees. Today, it maintains a highly selective undergraduate admissions process, with an acceptance rate of just 6.6 percent for the class of 2023.

One of the key reasons to consider studying at Brown University is the quality of its academics. Brown has implemented a unique academic curriculum known as the “Brown Curriculum.” This approach gives students the freedom to shape their education, allowing them to choose courses that align with their interests and passions. The most popular majors at Brown include economics, biological sciences, applied mathematics, engineering, and computer sciences.

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The academic structure at Brown includes various special seminars. First-year students have the opportunity to participate in over 90 special seminars that cover a wide range of subjects. Sophomore seminars, introduced in 2014, provide opportunities for second-year students to delve deeper into specific topics. Additionally, the university offers various academic options such as Community-based Learning and Research, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) courses, Global Experiential Learning and Teaching, Humanities Seminars, Independent Study, Summer Session, and Winter Session.

Brown University attracts brilliant students from diverse backgrounds. Its student community consists of over 6,500 undergraduates, over 2,200 graduates, and over 500 medical students. To gain admission to Brown, students typically display outstanding academic achievements, with an average SAT score of about 1470. Beyond academic excellence, the university fosters a mindset focused on contributing positively to the community and the world.

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The university’s faculty play a crucial role in fulfilling its mission. With over 1,400 faculty members, Brown emphasizes shared governance and encourages faculty engagement in teaching and research. Students benefit from close mentorship, guidance, and collaborative research opportunities with their professors.

Brown University’s location in Providence, just under an hour’s drive from Boston and a three-hour drive from New York, offers a convenient and attractive setting. Providence boasts cultural attractions, a high quality of life, and a walkable cityscape, making it an enjoyable place to live during one’s academic journey.

The university’s Industry Partnership Program provides opportunities for collaboration between non-profit organizations, corporations, and the university’s research and innovation network. This program allows students to gain exposure to industry applications of their learning and participate in research projects with partner organizations.

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For those concerned about financing their education, Brown University is committed to providing scholarships and financial aid on a need-based criterion. The university eliminated all loans from its undergraduate financial aid, making education more accessible for deserving students. Brown’s dedication to meeting students’ financial needs ensures that 43% of the class of 2022 received need-based scholarships, with an average award of $50,108.

In conclusion

Brown University’s Ivy League status, distinctive curriculum, dedicated faculty, prime location, and generous financial aid offerings make it a highly appealing choice for students seeking a world-class education and a supportive academic environment. Whether it’s pursuing groundbreaking research, engaging in enriching seminars, or benefitting from a diverse and vibrant community, Brown University presents ample reasons to consider studying within its prestigious halls.

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