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Six Reasons International Students Should Go Back

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Living and studying abroad is an incredible experience that offers rich opportunities for personal growth and learning. However, it is essential to remember that this should be a temporary choice, not a permanent lifestyle.

Let’s explore six reasons why international students should consider returning home after completing their course.

  1. Visa Issues: Most international students hold short-term student visas, allowing them to stay in their host country for a limited period. Once the visa expires, it becomes unlawful to remain in the country. This could lead to detention by authorities and even deportation. Moreover, obtaining work permits after completing studies is not guaranteed, as many countries have become stricter in granting them.
  2. Lack of Cultural Adaptability: While studying abroad, students may initially enjoy the chance to experience a new culture. However, some may struggle to adapt and feel alienated from the local norms and behaviors. Language barriers can be tiring and isolating, and differences in religion, customs, and food may also pose challenges. Returning home can provide a sense of familiarity and ease.
  3. Timing: For those planning to work or continue their studies in their home country, being mindful of application dates and deadlines is crucial. Overstaying abroad might cause them to miss critical application windows, delaying their career or education prospects.
  4. Cost: Studying overseas can be expensive, considering course fees, accommodation, living expenses, and more. It may lead to significant financial burdens for both students and their families. Eventually, the outflow of money needs to be stopped, and returning home, where the cost of living might be lower, becomes a sensible option.
  5. Family and Friends: The longing for family and friends is a natural emotion that many international students experience. Being away from loved ones can be tough, and the desire to return home and be with them is entirely understandable.
  6. Better Opportunities: Depending on the field of study, returning home might present better opportunities for career growth and success. Technical and vocational skills acquired abroad could be in higher demand in their home country, potentially leading to better-paid jobs and faster career advancement.
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In conclusion

studying abroad is a fantastic experience, but it’s essential to consider the reasons why it should remain a temporary phase in one’s life. Visa restrictions, cultural adaptability challenges, financial implications, and better opportunities back home are all factors to contemplate. The journey of studying abroad should be cherished, and returning home with newfound knowledge and experiences can open doors to a brighter future.

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