PON Graduate Research Fellowships at Harvard University 2023

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Harvard University is offering the prestigious PON Graduate Research Fellowships for the year 2023, providing an exciting opportunity for Ph.D. and Post Doc degree candidates in the field of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. This scholarship, available to applicants of all nationalities, aims to support exceptional researchers in their dissertation writing and research activities, fostering an enriching experience within the vibrant PON community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Doctoral students working on their dissertations are eligible for this fellowship.
  2. Candidates enrolled in Ph.D. programs outside of the US may apply but must reside in the Cambridge community during the fellowship year.
  3. All degree requirements, except for the dissertation, should be completed.
  4. Doctoral students from various disciplines, such as international relations, psychology, economics, law, anthropology, public policy, urban planning, business, and sociology, are encouraged to apply.
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Required Documents:

  1. A resume and a dissertation proposal approved by the department.
  2. A research proposal description (maximum 15 pages) along with a cover letter expressing the candidate’s intention to reside in Cambridge if accepted for the fellowship.
  3. A research budget outlining all expenses and potential sources of financial support.
  4. Two recommendation letters, with at least one coming from the faculty member supervising the candidate’s research at their home university.

Benefits of the Fellowship:

  1. A generous stipend of $35,000 to support living expenses and research costs.
  2. Access to communal workspaces and other relevant facilities at PON, fostering a collaborative environment.
  3. A unique opportunity to present one’s research at Harvard, gaining exposure and recognition.
  4. Access to Harvard’s prestigious library and other privileges, enriching the research experience.
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Application Deadline:

The application deadline for this esteemed fellowship is 8th February 2024.

This fellowship offers a remarkable chance for aspiring researchers to deepen their expertise in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. By providing financial support, access to essential resources, and exposure to a world-class academic environment, the PON Graduate Research Fellowships at Harvard University 2023 promise to be a transformative experience for scholars seeking to make a significant impact in their field

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