English Language Scholarship for Sponsored Students at Macquarie University 2023

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Are you an aspiring student from Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, or Vietnam with a dream to study English Language at a renowned university? Macquarie University is offering the English Language Scholarship for Sponsored Students in 2023. This scholarship is designed for Bachelors and Masters degree seekers who wish to pursue their English Language studies at Macquarie University, with the incredible benefit of having 100% of their tuition fees waived!

About the Scholarship:

The English Language Scholarship is specially awarded to students who plan to enroll in an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Macquarie University through a scholarship funded by their respective home governments. The scholarship aims to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits.

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Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of Indonesia, Laos (Australian Awards Scholars), Thailand, or Vietnam.
  2. Packaged Offer: Candidates should have received a packaged offer for English Language and a coursework degree at Macquarie University.
  3. Government Sponsorship: Students must be fully funded by their respective government scholarships.

Scholarship Value:

The selected students will enjoy a 100% tuition fee waiver for the Academic English (packaged) course at Macquarie University College, which will span up to 10 weeks. This incredible opportunity ensures that financial constraints do not hinder your path to academic excellence.

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Application Process:

The application process for the English Language Scholarship is effortless! Applicants will be automatically assessed for the scholarship as they apply for admission to Macquarie University. Successful candidates will be notified about their scholarship offer alongside their admission offer to the university.


The English Language Scholarship for Sponsored Students at Macquarie University is an exceptional opportunity for aspiring individuals from Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam to pursue their Bachelors or Masters degree in English Language without the burden of tuition fees.

By providing a 100% fees waiver for the Academic English course, Macquarie University is demonstrating its commitment to fostering global education and supporting talented students from diverse backgrounds. So, if you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss this chance to apply for the scholarship and embark on an exciting academic journey at Macquarie University! The deadline is always open, so seize the opportunity and make your dreams come true. Good luck!

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