Richard Hays Bursary 2023

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Are you a medical student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine (MBBS)? If so, there’s an exciting scholarship opportunity waiting for you! James Cook University is offering the Richard Hays Bursary 2023 to support students in their 5th or 6th year of the MBBS program. This bursary was established in 2006 as a tribute to Professor Richard Hays, the esteemed Foundation Dean of the School of Medicine, by generous donations from the medical community of North Queensland.

The Richard Hays Bursary is a partial funding scholarship, providing recipients with $2,500 to help alleviate the financial burden of their medical education. While this amount may not cover all expenses, it can still be a significant contribution towards your academic journey.

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To be eligible for the Richard Hays Bursary, you must be enrolled in the 5th or 6th year of the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery program at James Cook University. However, please note that this scholarship is not available to Australian nationals; it is open to students of all nationalities except Australia.

Selection Criteria:

The Selection Committee will assess applicants’ abstracts based on specific criteria, including content, clarity, originality, and presentation. Moreover, candidates are expected to demonstrate their willingness to attend and present at an approved conference, as it plays a role in the selection process.

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Additionally, the committee may consider other factors, such as whether the candidate has received or will receive any other scholarship assistance during their medical studies.

Application Deadline:

If you are interested in applying for the Richard Hays Bursary, mark your calendar for the application deadline: 7th August 2023. Make sure to prepare a compelling abstract and fulfill all necessary requirements to boost your chances of receiving this prestigious scholarship.

How to Apply:

To apply for the Richard Hays Bursary 2023, visit the official scholarship page provided by James Cook University. Follow the application guidelines diligently and ensure that your submission meets all the necessary criteria.

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The Richard Hays Bursary is an incredible opportunity for medical students pursuing their dreams of becoming skilled healthcare professionals. This scholarship not only honors the legacy of Professor Richard Hays but also aims to support dedicated students in their academic pursuits. Don’t miss this chance to secure partial funding for your MBBS degree and advance your medical career. Prepare your application, showcase your achievements, and seize the opportunity to make a difference in the world of medicine! Good luck to all applicants!

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