LBS Sloan Women’s Scholarship 2023

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Are you a female student with a passion for leadership and strategy in the business world? If so, the LBS Sloan Women’s Scholarship 2023 offered by the prestigious London Business School could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! This scholarship aims to support and empower female leaders from all around the world, providing them with the chance to pursue a Masters degree in Leadership and Strategy, without the burden of full tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the LBS Sloan Women’s Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a female student from any country.
  2. Be applying for the Sloan MSc program at London Business School and be self-funding for the course.
  3. Have already applied and received admission to the University for the Sloan MSc in Leadership and Strategy.
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Application Process:

The application process for this scholarship requires you to provide certain documents to demonstrate your leadership potential and commitment to making a difference in the program. The required documents include:

  1. A one-page CV showcasing your academic and professional history.
  2. An essay of maximum 500 words on the topic: “As a female leader, please describe how you will support the future success of the Sloan MSc program.”
  3. A 5-minute video on the topic: “Inspiration,” where you can express your thoughts and ideas creatively.
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Selection Criteria:

Applicants will be selected based on their leadership qualities, professional achievements, and how well they present their ideas in the essay and video. The selection committee will look for candidates who have a strong track record of success and who can make a valuable contribution to the Sloan MSc program.

Scholarship Value:

The LBS Sloan Women’s Scholarship provides successful applicants with a tuition fee waiver of up to 50%. This means that the scholarship covers half of the tuition fees, easing the financial burden and making it more accessible for talented women to pursue their academic and career goals.


The LBS Sloan Women’s Scholarship 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for female students with a passion for leadership and strategy to excel in their academic journey at London Business School. This scholarship not only supports aspiring female leaders financially but also recognizes and celebrates their potential to contribute significantly to the Sloan MSc program. If you meet the eligibility criteria and believe in your ability to make a positive impact on the business world, don’t miss the chance to apply for this prestigious scholarship and take a step closer to realizing your dreams. Remember, the deadline for application varies, so ensure to submit your documents on time. Good luck!

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