List of Universities that Offer Scholarships for Developing Country Students

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In support of development cooperation, numerous universities offer scholarships exclusively designed for students from developing countries. assists in finding such scholarship programs, whether sponsored by governments, donor agencies, or the universities themselves. This blog post highlights the opportunities available in different regions and countries, providing students with the chance to pursue higher education and contribute to their nation’s progress.

Part 1: Universities implementing scholarship programs of Government and Donor Agencies

  1. Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarships These scholarships are intended for nationals of World Bank member countries, allowing them to study in selected countries.
  2. Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarships Offered to nationals of ADB member countries in Asia and the Pacific region.
  3. New Zealand Development Scholarships Open to citizens of NZDS participating countries for study in selected education institutions in New Zealand.
  4. Australian Development Scholarships Available to citizens of ADS participating countries for study in selected universities in Australia.
  5. DAAD Scholarships Designed for citizens of developing countries to study in state-recognized German higher education institutions.
  6. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme Targeting nationals of Commonwealth developing countries at selected partner universities (subject to annual changes).
  7. Norwegian Quota Scholarships For students from selected developing countries in the South, Central and East Europe, and Central Asia, seeking to study in selected Norwegian universities.
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Part 2: Universities implementing their own scholarship programs for developing countries

Universities in Europe:

  1. Belgium: Ghent University Scholarships Offers scholarships for Training, Masters, PhD, and Post Doctoral programs for students from developing countries.
  2. Ireland: Dublin Institute of Technology Scholarships Provides international scholarships for students from selected agencies in Mexico, Oman, UAE, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, and Kuwait.
  3. Netherlands: Maastricht University Scholarships Sponsors international scholarships for students from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.
  4. Netherlands: University of Groningen Scholarships Offers various scholarships for international students, including those awarded by the Dutch government, the EU, and international organizations.
  5. Netherlands: University of Twente Scholarships Administers scholarships for students from Asia, South America, and Central America.
  6. Italy: University of Pavia Scholarships Offers scholarships for selected Masters Studies at the University of Pavia or the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (IUSS).
  7. UK: Cardiff University Scholarships Provides scholarships for international students from various regions and countries.
  8. UK: London South Bank University Scholarships Offers full scholarships for students from Commonwealth countries and partial scholarships for students from priority countries.
  9. UK: London Met Scholarships Jointly run by International Students House (ISH) and London Metropolitan University, offering scholarships for outstanding students from selected developing countries.
  10. UK: Roehampton University Scholarships Has scholarships available for students from different countries, including China, South Korea, India, Thailand, and more.
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… (Continue listing other UK universities)

Universities in the United States & Canada:

  1. USA: East-West Center Scholarships Offers scholarships for students from Asia, Pacific Islands, and Russia.
  2. USA: Harvard University Scholarships Provides specific scholarships for students from Argentina, Brazil, China, Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pacific Islands.
  3. USA: NYU Wagner Scholarships Has special scholarship programs for Africa, Kazakhstan, and Soviet Union’s 15 Newly Independent State.
  4. Canada: University of Alberta Scholarships Administers specific scholarship programs for students from Chile, China, India, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Universities in Australia & New Zealand:

  1. Australia: Griffith University Scholarships Offers international scholarships for students from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Malaysia.
  2. Australia: Macquarie University Scholarships Provides scholarships for postgraduate coursework for students from Columbia and Mexico.
  3. Australia: Swinburne University of Technology Scholarships Offers various scholarship schemes for students from Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand.
  4. Australia: University of Western Australia Scholarships Has special scholarship schemes for students from China and India for postgraduate research studies.
  5. New Zealand: University of Auckland Scholarships Administers country-specific scholarships for students from Tonga, Chile, and Pakistan.
  6. New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington Scholarships Offers International Undergraduate Fees Scholarships to students from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
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These scholarships play a vital role in promoting education and fostering global cooperation. They enable students from developing countries to pursue their academic dreams and contribute to the progress and development of their nations. By availing such opportunities, aspiring scholars can make a significant impact in their fields and create a positive change in the world.

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