Judith Wright Scholarship 2023

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Are you an Australian woman of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the Australian National University (ANU)? If so, the Judith Wright Scholarship might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! This prestigious scholarship aims to support and empower Indigenous women in their educational journey, providing partial funding of $8,000 per annum.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Judith Wright Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Australian Citizenship: Candidates must be Australian citizens.
  2. Indigenous Background: Applicants should be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
  3. Female Candidates: The scholarship is exclusively open to female applicants.
  4. Undergraduate Enrollment: Candidates must already be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at ANU.
  5. Academic Requirements: At the time of applying for the scholarship, candidates should have completed a minimum of 36 units and a maximum of 48 units in their first year of undergraduate study at ANU.
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Scholarship Benefits:

Selected recipients of the Judith Wright Scholarship will receive a one-time payment of $8,004 upon accepting the scholarship offer. This financial assistance can help ease the burden of tuition fees and other educational expenses, allowing recipients to focus on their studies and personal growth.

How to Apply:

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above and wish to apply for the Judith Wright Scholarship, visit the official ANU website and navigate to the scholarship application portal. The application deadline varies, so it is crucial to submit your application on time.

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ANU’s Commitment to Indigenous Education:

The Australian National University (ANU) is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in its academic community. The Judith Wright Scholarship is one of the ways ANU supports Indigenous Australians, particularly women, to access higher education and unlock their full potential. By investing in education and creating opportunities like this scholarship, ANU aims to empower Indigenous students to become leaders and change-makers in their communities and beyond.

If you are an ambitious Indigenous woman with dreams of higher education, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. Apply for the Judith Wright Scholarship today and take a significant step towards a brighter future for yourself and your community.

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