Ernest Fooks Memorial Award 2023

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Are you a passionate architecture student with a dream of pursuing a Masters’s degree in this field? If so, the Ernest Fooks Memorial Award 2023 might be the perfect opportunity for you! This prestigious scholarship is provided by the University of Melbourne and aims to recognize excellence in Architecture Design studios.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled in the Master of Architecture (single or combined) or the Master of Architectural Engineering at the University of Melbourne.
  2. Have successfully completed all Design Studio subjects (C, D, E, and Thesis).

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Ernest Fooks Memorial Award varies, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the University’s official website or scholarship portals to ensure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

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Scholarship Value:

The Ernest Fooks Memorial Award provides partial funding for the selected candidates. The exact value of the scholarship varies depending on the availability of funds and is recalculated each year based on the annual income of the philanthropic gift.

Selection Process:

The selection process for this scholarship is based solely on academic merit. If you have a strong academic record and a demonstrated passion for Architecture Design, you stand a chance to be considered for this prestigious award.

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How to Apply:

To apply for the Ernest Fooks Memorial Award 2023, follow the application instructions provided on the University of Melbourne’s official website. Make sure to submit all required documents before the application deadline to be considered for this opportunity.


The Ernest Fooks Memorial Award is a remarkable opportunity for architecture students from all nationalities to pursue their Masters’s degree at the University of Melbourne. If you meet the eligibility criteria and have a strong academic background in Architecture Design, don’t hesitate to apply for this scholarship. Remember to check the application deadline and gather all necessary documents for a successful application. Good luck on your journey to academic excellence and a bright future in the field of architecture!

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