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5 Questions International Students Should Ask their Admission Manager

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As an international student looking to gain admission to universities worldwide, it’s crucial to be well-prepared with relevant questions when interacting with admissions managers. These gatekeepers of higher education institutions hold valuable information that can help you align your personal, professional, and educational goals with your desired college. In fact, they encourage you to ask questions to ensure a strong match between you and the college you’re applying to. Here are five essential questions to ask an admissions manager:

1. What qualities does the college seek in potential students? Beyond objective assessments like GPA and test scores, inquire about the abstract and subjective attributes that set applicants apart. Ask how you can stand out and whether the college values students with robust summer internship experiences or other distinctive qualities. Explore whether leadership qualities are highly regarded and if the admissions process takes a holistic approach to evaluating students.

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2. How do admission requirements vary across different courses? Each major or course may have specific prerequisites for admission. Seek guidance on how to modify your application to apply for various programs. Inquire about the need for additional essays, statements of purpose, portfolios, or auditions. Being aware of general academic interests and how they align with specific courses will help you make informed decisions.

3. Are there any new courses or majors introduced this year? Stay updated with the latest offerings at the college. Ask about potential new courses, programs, or collaborations that match your chosen field. Being aware of new opportunities can give you an edge in the admissions process, especially during the initial year of a course when awareness might be low among other applicants.

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4. What is the school’s vision and future plans? Understand the college’s goals and vision for the future, and how it plans to implement them over the next few years. Inquire about educational and physical infrastructure developments, collaborations, and research projects. This information will help you align your expectations with the college’s plans and assess the suitability of your chosen course.

5. What support does the school offer during and after graduation? Find out about the college’s support system for students, particularly during the first year and after completing college. For international students, inquire about support for cultural transition and adaptation to a new country. Ask about assistance with finding summer jobs, internships, tutoring, and academic support to ensure a rewarding college experience.

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Remember, there are no wrong questions when it comes to your future education. Admission managers are eager to share information about their institutions, so don’t hesitate to ask. Being proactive and well-informed will increase your chances of finding the perfect college fit for your academic and personal growth.

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