Wellcome International Training Fellowships

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The Wellcome International Training Fellowships offer aspiring health researchers from low- and middle-income countries (excluding India and China) a unique chance to pursue postgraduate training or postdoctoral research in the field of public health.

This fellowship program is designed to support talented individuals in these regions to conduct research that addresses health priorities and makes a positive impact on their communities.

Who Can Apply:

Eligible applicants must be nationals of low- and middle-income countries, as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Additionally, applicants should have sponsorship from an eligible not-for-profit research organization in a low- or middle-income country, other than mainland China.

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Academic Level and Field of Study:

The Wellcome International Training Fellowships support individuals at different stages of their research career. Candidates can apply for funding for Masters, PhD, or post-doctoral research in the field of public health.

Scholarship Value:

Successful applicants will receive a fellowship valued between £150,000 to £300,000, which covers salary, fees, and research expenses. The typical duration of the fellowship is three years, providing sufficient time for scholars to deepen their expertise and explore new areas of research.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the International Training Fellowship, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a national of a low- or middle-income country.
  2. Focus their proposed research on a health priority within a low- or middle-income country.
  3. Possess a PhD and be an early-career researcher, or hold a relevant degree with some initial research experience, or be a clinically qualified doctor, vet, dentist, or clinical psychologist with some initial research experience.
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Application Process:

Unfortunately, the application period for the last round of Wellcome International Training Fellowships has already closed. However, potential applicants should keep an eye on the official scholarship website for updates on future opportunities.

Interested candidates are encouraged to discuss their application with their research supervisor and sponsor, who can provide valuable advice on the project’s significance and quality. This support ensures that applicants are well-prepared to apply when the next round opens.


The Wellcome International Training Fellowships play a crucial role in advancing public health research in low- and middle-income countries. By providing financial support and mentorship, these fellowships enable talented researchers to address pressing health challenges in their communities.

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Aspiring health researchers from eligible countries should stay informed about future application rounds and seize the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of global public health. For detailed information on future application processes, please visit the official scholarship website at

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