The Emile Boutmy Scholarship at Sciences Po for Non-EU Students to Study in France

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Are you dreaming of studying in France at one of the country’s most prestigious institutions? The Paris Institute of Political Studies, commonly known as Sciences Po, could be the perfect destination for you. Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is renowned for its academic excellence and global reputation.

Why Choose Sciences Po?

Sciences Po stands out for offering a diverse range of academic programs, specializing in political science, history, economics, law, and sociology. Moreover, it has seven campuses across France, each focusing on different regions of the world. This unique approach allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of global issues.

One of the standout features of Sciences Po is its partnership with nine leading universities worldwide, providing dual Bachelor’s degree opportunities. This means you can benefit from an international perspective and expand your academic horizons.

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Emile Boutmy Scholarship for Non-EU Students: If you are a non-European Union student seeking to study in France, Sciences Po offers the Emile Boutmy Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship aims to support outstanding international students in pursuing their undergraduate studies. Here are the key eligibility criteria for the scholarship:

  1. Nationality: All non-European Union students, including those from France, are eligible to apply.
  2. Academic Level: The scholarship is for first-time applicants to the Undergraduate program at Sciences Po.
  3. Financial Situation: Applicants’ households must not file taxes within the European Union.
  4. Admission: Applicants must have received admission to the Undergraduate program at Sciences Po.
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How to Apply:

To apply for the Emile Boutmy Scholarship, follow these simple steps:

  1. Foreign Secondary Schools: Indicate your interest in the scholarship in the “Financial information” section of your Sciences Po application.
  2. French Secondary Schools: Complete the application form provided by the Admission Office after your Parcoursup application has been validated.

Scholarship Benefits:

If you are awarded the Emile Boutmy Scholarship, you’ll receive a tuition grant ranging from €3,600 to €13,190 per year for the entire duration of your three-year undergraduate program. Additionally, during the year abroad in your third year, you will continue to receive the tuition fee grant along with an additional cost of living grant (if applicable). The scholarship is also automatically renewed if you choose to pursue graduate studies at Sciences Po.

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Studying at Sciences Po can be a life-changing experience, providing you with a top-notch education and exposure to a diverse global community. With the Emile Boutmy Scholarship’s financial support, pursuing your undergraduate degree in France can become a reality. Don’t miss the application deadlines: 22nd February 2023 for foreign secondary school applicants and 10th April 2023 for French secondary school applicants. Prepare your application and embark on an exciting journey at Sciences Po!

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