Sisson Family Scholarship 2023

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Are you a passionate student interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Biomedicine or Science? The University of Melbourne is offering the Sisson Family Scholarship 2023, a wonderful opportunity for Australian and New Zealand nationals to turn their academic dreams into reality. Let’s explore the key details of this scholarship in simple English.

What is the Sisson Family Scholarship 2023?

The Sisson Family Scholarship 2023 is a generous financial aid program provided by the University of Melbourne. It was established through the kind contributions of Edith Sisson and Andrew Sisson. The scholarship is specifically targeted at domestic students who have completed their Year 12 education at a Government school in the Mildura or Murray Plains Districts in Victoria, Australia. The main aim of the scholarship is to support students facing disadvantaged circumstances in pursuing their higher education.

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Who can apply?

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: You should be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen.
  2. Residency: You must reside and have completed Year 12 education at a Government school in the Mildura or Murray Plains Districts in Victoria.
  3. Course Intention: You should intend to apply for either the Bachelor of Biomedicine or the Bachelor of Science program under Access Melbourne via the VTAC Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) for the academic year following the completion of Year 12.
  4. Previous Studies: You should not have undertaken any tertiary studies in the past, except for extension studies completed as part of a Year 12 program.
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What are the benefits of the scholarship?

The Sisson Family Scholarship 2023 provides partial funding of up to $97,000 to successful applicants. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  1. Accommodation Allowance: A full accommodation allowance will be provided for a standard bedroom at Little Hall for three years. The allowance will be directly paid to Little Hall.
  2. Living Allowance: A living allowance of $4,000 per year will be paid in half-yearly installments for three years to help cover your daily expenses during your studies.
  3. Travel Allowance: One of the travel allowances of $4,000 will be given to support overseas study as part of your undergraduate degree.
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How to apply?

To apply for the Sisson Family Scholarship 2023, you need to submit your application before the deadline of 30th November 2023. Make sure to meet all the eligibility criteria and provide necessary documentation, such as your VTAC SEAS application and Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

If you are passionate about Biomedicine or Science and meet the scholarship’s requirements, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to pursue your higher education goals at the University of Melbourne. Apply for the Sisson Family Scholarship 2023 and take a step closer to achieving your academic aspirations. Good luck!

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