Scholarships for Chemistry & Archaeology Undergraduate Students at University of Bradford 2023

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Are you an aspiring Chemistry or Archaeology undergraduate student looking to study abroad? The University of Bradford is offering an amazing scholarship opportunity for international students like you! If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Archaeology, or Forensics, this scholarship might be just what you need to make your dreams come true.

The Faculty of Life Sciences (FoLS) at the University of Bradford is thrilled to provide a generous scholarship exclusively for international students.

The scholarship is applicable to the following undergraduate courses:

  1. BSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology
  2. BSc Archaeology
  3. BA Heritage and Archaeology
  4. BSc Chemistry
  5. MChem Chemistry
  6. MChem Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
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If you meet the eligibility criteria as a new, full-time, international student enrolling in any of the mentioned courses, you are encouraged to apply for this scholarship opportunity. Recipients of the scholarship are expected to fully engage in their studies, showcasing dedication through regular course attendance and timely submission of coursework.

The scholarship offers international students an incredible 50% discount on their tuition fees, resulting in a significantly reduced tuition cost of £11,090 per academic year. With this substantial fee waiver, you can focus on your studies and make the most of your academic journey at the University of Bradford.

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Here’s the best part:

the application process is hassle-free! There is no need to submit a separate application for the scholarship. Upon enrolling in one of the eligible courses, the scholarship will be automatically applied to your tuition fees. This means you can concentrate on preparing for your exciting university life without worrying about the scholarship application process.

Remember, the deadline for sending your application may vary, so it’s essential to stay updated with the University of Bradford’s official website for the latest information. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to pursue your passion for Chemistry or Archaeology at a prestigious institution like the University of Bradford.

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If you are an international student looking to kickstart your academic journey in the fascinating fields of Chemistry or Archaeology, the University of Bradford’s scholarship for 2023 might be the perfect gateway to your future success. Grab this chance to explore new cultures, expand your horizons, and excel in your chosen field with this incredible scholarship offer. Good luck with your application and academic pursuits!

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