Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarships in USA

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San Jose State University, located in San Jose, California, is a renowned public university established in 1857. It holds the distinction of being the oldest public university on the West Coast and is the founding campus of the prestigious California State University system.

With a global reputation, the university currently ranks 1452nd among the Best Global Universities. Let’s explore the reasons why choosing San Jose State University can be a rewarding experience for both domestic and international students.

World-Class Education, In-Classroom and Online:

One of the key reasons to consider San Jose State University for your higher education is its commitment to providing a world-class education. The university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs both through traditional in-classroom learning and online courses. This flexibility allows students to pursue their academic goals in a way that best suits their individual needs.

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Emphasis on Academic Success and Professional Growth: At San Jose State University, academic success and professional growth are top priorities.

The institution values education above all else and fosters a culture of lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity. The university encourages research, scholarship, and the pursuit of knowledge, providing students with a conducive environment to excel in their chosen fields.

Application Deadline and Eligibility: The application deadline for prospective students is March 26th, 2023. Both international and domestic students are eligible to apply for undergraduate or graduate-level programs. To be eligible, applicants must be matriculated SJSU students in F-1 status and must be enrolled full-time.

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Applying for the Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarship: San Jose State University offers the prestigious Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarship to deserving students. To apply for this scholarship, students must complete a general application and specifically apply for the Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarship through the university’s application portal.

Required Documents: Applicants need to submit the following documents to the university:

  1. Academic records
  2. Bank statement
  3. Copy of Passport
  4. Declaration of Finance Form

Admission Requirements and Language Proficiency: Prospective students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70 and meet the entry requirements of their chosen degree program at SJSU. Additionally, international students must provide scores from English language proficiency tests such as IELTS (minimum 7.0) or PTE (minimum 68).

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Benefits of the Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarship: The recipients of the Louie Barozzi International Student Scholarship will receive financial assistance towards the cost of their education. The scholarship typically covers tuition fees and may include additional support.


San Jose State University stands as a beacon of academic excellence and opportunity for students seeking a quality education. Its rich history, dedication to academic success, and commitment to research and intellectual growth make it an ideal choice for prospective students from around the world. If you aspire to receive a world-class education and embark on a journey of discovery and growth, consider applying to San Jose State University today.

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