SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2023

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We’re excited to share some great news for researchers and scientists! Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has announced the Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2023, which aims to foster collaborations between academia and industries to address real-world challenges. This program offers a fantastic opportunity for Research Fellows and Scientists to make a difference in various research fields.

The fellowship provides support to academic researchers, including faculty members and postdoctoral researchers, who wish to work with industry partners worldwide. This collaboration involves temporary placements where researchers can spend time in the industry to gain valuable insights and contribute their expertise.

The eligibility criteria for the SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme are as follows:

  1. Three Types of Applicants: The fellowship is available to three types of applicants – SFI Award Holder, Non-SFI Award Holder, and a Postdoctoral Researcher.
  2. Academic Staff: The candidate must be a member of the academic staff of an eligible Irish Research Body, ensuring a strong connection with the academic community.
  3. Ph.D. Degree: Applicants must hold a Ph.D. degree or its equivalent, which reflects their dedication and expertise in their respective fields.
  4. Contract Researcher: To be eligible, the applicant must be a contract researcher with a contract that covers the period of the Industry Fellowship, ensuring commitment and dedication throughout the program.
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The application deadline for this fellowship varies, so interested candidates should keep an eye out for the specific deadline.

The value of the scholarship is partial funding, offering up to €100,000 to support the research work and expenses during the fellowship.

This incredible opportunity is open to researchers from all nationalities, welcoming talented individuals from around the globe to participate.

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If you’re eager to contribute to research that makes a real-world impact and collaborate with industries, don’t miss the chance to apply for the SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2023. It’s a chance to take your research to new heights and create meaningful solutions to industry challenges. So, seize this opportunity and make a positive difference in the world through your passion for research

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