Saltire Scholarships for International Students

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Saltire Scholarships for International Students in Scotland 2023

Saltire Scholarships for International Students in Scotland 2023

Scholarship description:

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish universities, is offering Saltire Scholarships in science, technology, creative industries, healthcare, medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy for the academic year 2023.

The Saltire Scholarships 2023 are a fantastic opportunity to study in a country with world-class universities and a long tradition of academic excellence. Our scholars are individuals who aspire to be influential leaders in their future careers. Outside of their studies, they have a wide range of interests and a desire to broaden their personal and academic experience in Scotland.

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Is there funding available for international students in Scotland?

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Scottish universities, offers international scholarships through the Saltire Scholarships programme. The scholarships are worth £8000 and are available for one-year full-time postgraduate master’s degrees in one of five subjects: science.

How does one apply for the Saltire Scholarship?

Candidates must have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course that will be delivered physically in Scotland, via distance online learning, or a combination of both to be eligible for a Saltire Scholarship.

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What exactly is the Scotland Saltire Scholarship?

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships (SSS) is a scholarship programme administered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scotland’s higher education institutions. The scheme provides up to 50 awards, each worth £8000, towards successful applicants’ annual international tuition fees.

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How can international students obtain scholarships in the United Kingdom?

To see if you are eligible for a scholarship, go to the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website. Many institutions also provide financial assistance, and you can find more information on their websites. Many universities provide fully funded postgraduate studentships.

Coverage and Benefits of Scotland Saltire Scholarships

The scheme provides up to 50 awards of £8000 each for tuition fees for any one year of full-time study on a postgraduate Masters’ programme at any of Scotland’s higher education institutions.

Saltire Scholars will also have the opportunity to participate in activities outside of their studies, such as dialogue with Scotland’s academic and business communities. As a Saltire Scholar, you will serve as an ambassador for not only the Saltire Scholarships programme, but also for Scotland.

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Who is eligible to apply for the Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023?

Do you want to apply for a Saltire Scholarship? Here’s everything you need to know about Scotland’s Scholarship!

Scholarship candidates must have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course in order to apply for a Saltire.

Scholarships are available to citizens of Canada, China (including Hong Kong), India, Japan, Pakistan, and the United States.

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for a Saltire Scholarship:

  • Have never received a Saltire Scholarship before.
    Have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place on an eligible course at a Scottish university.
    You must be a citizen of Canada, India, Japan, the United States, Pakistan, or China (Hong Kong citizens are also eligible as it is a Special Administrative Region of China).
    Not previously completed a full undergraduate degree in Scotland.
    Meet the course’s language requirements.
    Fill out an application form and return it by the deadline of June 12, 2022.
    They must be able to show that they can cover the costs of living in Scotland as well as the remaining tuition fees.
    Applicants must demonstrate the following:
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A desire to study in Scotland and/or at a particular Scottish university.
To participate in the programme of activities that comes with the scholarships, you must be willing and have the necessary interpersonal and communication skills.
The desire to work and study in a global context and to assume leadership in their chosen field.
Courses Available for Scholarships in Scotland in 2023
The course must be at the postgraduate Masters level in one of the following areas:

  • Industries of the imagination
    Clean and renewable energy
    Medical sciences and healthcare
    Full-time courses must be delivered in Scotland. Scottish scholarships are not available for online, distance learning, or courses delivered at a Scottish university campus abroad.

Scottish Saltire Scholarships Application Deadline 2023:

The Saltire Scholarship application process for the 2023 academic session opens on April 6, 2022. The Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023 application deadline is June 12, 2022. So now is the time to start preparing documentation for the Scotland Saltire Scholarships 2023.

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