Hungarian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

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Hungary offers exciting scholarship opportunities for foreign students and professors looking to pursue higher education or gain professional experience in Hungarian institutions. These scholarships are administered by the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office and cover various study and research programs. In this blog post, we will provide a brief overview of the available scholarships, eligibility criteria, and application process.

Types of Scholarships:

  1. Bilateral Agreements: These scholarships are available to citizens of countries with valid educational co-operation programs or bilateral agreements with Hungary. Eligible countries include China, Colombia, Mongolia, Palestine, Yemen, and Vietnam.
  2. Scholarship Pool: Scholarships under this category are open to students from selected countries such as Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and others.

Fields of Study: The scholarships allow study or research in any field of arts and sciences at accredited Hungarian higher education or research institutions.

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Types of Scholarships and Benefits: A. Semester/Partial Studies (3-10 months):

  • For undergraduate and graduate students, particularly those in specific programs like Hungarian Language and Literature or single degree track university programs.
  • Stipend of HUF 40,460 per month, along with university residence hall accommodation.

B. Postgraduate Studies, Research (3-21 days or 1-10 months):

  • Available for Master’s degree holders or PhD students conducting research for their dissertation.
  • Stipend of HUF 79,200 per month and an accommodation allowance of HUF 70,000 per month.
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C/1. Full PhD Programme (36 months):

  • Only for students proficient in Hungarian language.
  • Monthly stipend of HUF 100,000 and university residence hall accommodation.

C/2. Partial PhD Studies (12 months):

  • Available to PhD students enrolled in accredited institutions outside Hungary.
  • Monthly stipend of HUF 100,000 and university residence hall accommodation.

D. Postdoctoral Studies, Research (1-10 months):

  • For PhD degree holders seeking further research opportunities.
  • Stipend of HUF 118,800 per month and an accommodation allowance of HUF 80,000 per month.

E. Research Stay (3-21 days or 1-10 months):

  • Open to associate professors, high-ranking academics, and researchers with a PhD or equivalent degree.
  • Stipend of HUF 118,800 per month and an accommodation allowance of HUF 80,000 per month.

F. Summer Courses in 2013 (1-4 weeks):

  • Tuition-free courses with free accommodation and meals.
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  • The eligibility criteria vary for each scholarship type, including academic qualifications, language proficiency, and enrollment status.
  • Age limits apply for some scholarships, ranging from 30 to 45 years.

Application Process:

  • Applicants must apply online through the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office website and submit a printed version by post.
  • The application deadline is 7th April 2014 for the 2014-15 academic year.


Hungary offers diverse scholarship opportunities for international students and researchers, covering various fields of study. Prospective applicants should carefully review the eligibility criteria and application process outlined on the official scholarship website. This is a fantastic chance to explore Hungary’s rich academic and cultural landscape while advancing your education and research pursuits.

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