Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for African and Asian Women

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The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity designed to support women from Asian or African countries that have been affected by natural disasters, drought, or famine. Offered by HEC Paris, France, this scholarship aims to empower talented female candidates to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and develop essential leadership skills.

Through financial assistance of €20,000 per recipient, the scholarship opens doors for deserving women to make a positive impact on their communities and drive sustainable development.


To be eligible for the Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship, applicants must be exceptional female candidates who have secured admission to the full-time HEC Paris MBA program.

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Their leadership skills should be evident through active involvement in community work, charity engagement, or sustainable development practices. Furthermore, the applicants must hail from Asian or African countries that have been affected by natural disasters, drought, or famine.

They should demonstrate a strong commitment to addressing social and economic issues in their home countries, with a focus on ensuring long-term security for their communities.

Application Process:

The scholarship application process is exclusively available to candidates who have already been accepted into the HEC Paris MBA program. Once admitted, applicants can submit an essay explaining why they should be chosen as the Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholar at the HEC MBA Program.

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Additionally, the essay should outline the applicant’s post-MBA goals. The application deadline falls within one week after admission, with exceptions for those admitted after June 15th for the September intake and after November 26th for the January intake.

For detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship, interested candidates should visit the official website of HEC Paris MBA Scholarships.

Scholarship Value:

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship provides financial support of €20,000 per recipient. This funding aims to ease the financial burden of pursuing an MBA and allow the recipients to focus on their academic and leadership development journey at HEC Paris.

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The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship represents a remarkable opportunity for aspiring women leaders from Asian and African countries.

By pursuing an MBA at HEC Paris, the scholarship recipients can gain valuable knowledge and skills to drive positive change in their home communities. This initiative not only empowers women affected by natural disasters, drought, or famine but also supports their efforts in tackling social and economic challenges, fostering sustainable development, and promoting lasting security for their people.

Through education and leadership, these women can become catalysts for transformative change and contribute to building a brighter future for their countries.

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