Fondation Hoffman Scholarship at University of the People

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Are you a motivated individual with a passion for learning and a dream of obtaining an associate’s degree in Business Administration or Computer Science? If so, the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship at the University of the People might be the perfect opportunity for you! Generously donated by the Fondation Hoffmann, this scholarship aims to support students from around the world in their pursuit of higher education.

About University of the People (UoPeople):

The University of the People (UoPeople) is a trailblazing institution, the world’s first non-profit, accredited, tuition-free online university. Their mission is to provide accessible higher education to qualified individuals, regardless of their financial, geographical, or societal constraints.


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The Fondation Hoffman Scholarship is open to two groups of individuals:

  1. Refugees and/or asylum seekers as defined in the scholarship details.
  2. Degree-seeking students who have previously been awarded a Fondation Hoffmann Scholarship for their studies at UoPeople.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and able to demonstrate high school completion by providing relevant documents, such as a diploma and transcripts. However, exemptions are possible for those unable to produce these documents due to reasons like refugee status.

Application Process:

To apply for the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship, interested students must first be admitted to the University of the People. Once admitted, they become eligible to request financial assistance from various scholarship opportunities available at UoPeople, including the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship. For those with refugee and/or asylum-seeking status, notifying the Office of Admissions at the start of the application process is essential.

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Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship will cover the cost of ten exam processing fees out of a total of twenty, which are required for completing an associate’s degree. While UoPeople is a tuition-free institution, it charges modest processing fees to maintain its sustainability. The scholarship helps ease the financial burden for the recipients, making quality education more accessible.

Fields of Study:

The Fondation Hoffman Scholarship is available for students pursuing degrees in either Business Administration or Computer Science.


If you are a determined individual with a strong desire to earn an associate’s degree, do not miss out on this incredible opportunity provided by the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship at the University of the People. This scholarship serves as a gateway for refugees, asylum seekers, and degree-seeking students to achieve their academic dreams and build a brighter future. Take the first step towards a transformative educational journey and apply today!

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For detailed information and application procedures, please visit the official UoPeople website and refer to the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship section. Start your educational journey towards success!

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