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Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

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How To Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

Free Books For Kids By Mail
How To Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

How To Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

A variety of books at home can easily encourage your children to read extensively. Choosing new books can be a fun experience. Swapping out old ones may help to replenish the supply while also keeping your children engaged in reading. However, if purchasing and stockpiling books is prohibitively expensive for you, the good news is that you can do so for free. You don’t even have to leave your house in some cases! This post on free books for kids by mail will assist you in accomplishing this.

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Many Ways to Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

Many people prefer the look and feel of traditional paper-and-ink books, which is understandable. In retrospect, board books with thick pages might appeal to young children. Older children may enjoy dog-earing a page corner or scribbling their thoughts on sticky notes to highlight key points. If that’s the case, how do you get free books for kids by mail? So, keep reading to find out.

1. The Imagination Library of Dolly Parton

It’s not surprising that The Imagination Library of Dolly Parton made it to our list of free books for kids by mail. The country artist founded Imagination Library, a service that sends free books to children aged 0–5. It began in 1995 and currently sends out over 1 million free books to children each month. Enter your zip code to discover whether the program is available in your area. If it isn’t, you can apply to form a chapter in your area.

2. Miniature Public Libraries

Miniature Free Libraries are self-service book exchanges where anybody may take or share a book. So far, volunteers have placed over 90,000 book-sharing boxes along sidewalks and other locations where people stroll. The purpose is to distribute free literature 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Enter your zip code to find a Little Free Library in your area. If you live in a rural location with no libraries, you can apply for a free book-sharing box and a basic bundle of books. So far, over 1,000 of these “impact libraries” have been donated.

3. Craigslist, Freecycle, and Facebook

Everything on Freecycle is completely free; all you have to do is pick it up. With over 9 million members, there’s certain to be a Freecycle community near you. Search the offers for children’s books or submit a wanted ad.

Another location to check for people giving out free children’s books is Facebook. Look for local parent organizations as well as the Marketplace area. You may also browse Craigslist’s “Free Stuff” section for folks who are giving free books and learning games. This is probably one of the easiest ways to find free books for kids by mail.

4. Book Exchanges and Libraries

This is also another easy way to find free books for kids by mail. You can start by looking online to check whether your area offers a book exchange or a book bank. Visitors are encouraged to share books at book exchanges. Book banks merely distribute books.

Some book banks collaborate with schools and community groups to provide free books to children. Some, however, are open to the public. The Maryland Book Bank in Baltimore, for example, allows children aged 13 and younger to take as many books as they can carry. Teens and adults can borrow up to 25 books every visit, with a limit of one visit per month.

5. Bookmobiles and Libraries

Don’t overlook your local library as a terrific place to borrow many books for free. Libraries also include a plethora of additional free learning materials. If you can’t make it in person, see if the local library offers a bookmobile. There are hundreds of them in the United States. If your library has one but doesn’t stop close to you, inquire about adding another stop.

You may also inquire with your local library about mail order services. Some libraries will deliver directly to your door – for free.

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Another thing to discuss with your local library: book giveaways! Many libraries will occasionally give free stacks of books. Please inquire at your local library about free children’s books or when it plans to provide them.


Using is another way to find free books for kids by mail. GoodReads is a big website for book lovers. Thousands of individuals have used this site to make book suggestions, making it an excellent resource for locating the next book on your reading list.

It does, however, have a freebies area where writers (and, occasionally, publishers) give away free books.bWhile competition might be strong, if you’re lucky enough to win, this can be a terrific way to receive stuff like free novels via mail.

7. FreeCycle

FreeCycle is made up of groups worldwide that include people who give away free stuff in their communities – as well as those who take advantage of these freebies. They frequently have free books available, albeit you may have to pick them up rather than get them via mail.

Online Free Books for Kids by Mail

How To Find Free Books For Kids By Mail

Several websites provide free books for kids online. Some are read by “turning” the pages on the spot. Some you can save to your smartphone. Many websites allow you to search for kids based on their ages or hobbies. Here are a few examples:

1. Read Conmigo

This award-winning initiative provides free bilingual books to preschool through fifth-grade children. More than 45 Spanish-English e-books are available for free download from the online library, which may be read on most Apple iOS, Amazon Kindle, and Android devices.

2. eReaderIQ

The eReaderIQ website shows you which books on Amazon are now free. Sorting options include “Teen & Young Adult,” “Children’s eBooks,” and “Comics & Graphic Novels.” For a short time, the books featured on this website are free. Before downloading, make sure the price is “$0.00” or filter via “Freebies.”

3. Free Kids Books

You may search for free books by age and subject on the Free Kids Books website, as well as books with “dyslexia-friendly” typefaces. There’s also a search tool for English language learners, categorizing books as Beginner English, Intermediate English, or Fluent English. Math worksheets, books about bullying, and your favorite classics are all available.

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks, which was founded in 2004 and offered thousands of free digital books, including many classics and young adult novels. Mystery, romance, and science fiction are among the genres. This website can also help you locate free books for teenagers.

5. Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy provides over 400 free picture books, with one-quarter of them written in Spanish. The American Association of School Librarians named Unite for Literacy a great website for teaching and learning in 2019. Its digital books come with audio narrations in over 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Somali, and Tagalog.

6. BookMooch

This website operates on a point system. You start by making a list of the book titles you wish to give away. You must mail the books whenever you receive a request from a potential customer. You will earn points for each “swap,” which you may then use to request books from other users.

7. Books Free Swap

Unlike other swap services where you have to pay for postage, the recipient pays an average of $3.28 to mail out a book. Because the wish list function is searchable, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a match for your book titles.


This is the world’s largest book club, with over 1.5 million volumes available for exchange at any given moment. PaperBackSwap functions similarly to other book-swapping websites, with the exception that there are more title selections of free books for kids. You must pay to transport the books you send to others, but the ones you request are free of charge.

9. Fresh Fiction

Fresh fiction may be a fantastic activity for book enthusiasts if you have a talent for writing. This is because the website offers free books in exchange for a review.

However, not everyone can become a reviewer (there is a small test run for those who are interested). Once you’ve been recognized as a book reviewer, you’ll have access to a massive library of online books. You may get physical copies of books mailed to your house.

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The website never runs out of titles, and they also have hundreds of children’s books! The majority of the titles on this site are straight from writers, and Fresh Fiction offers the best-of-the-best novels as part of a book box subscription through its sibling site

10. Enchanted Book Promotions

Enchanted Book Promotions uses book reviews to spread the word about a certain book, which they then pass on to normal people like you and me.

This website, unlike the others on this list, allows users to publish reviews on their own blogs, Amazon, or Goodreads. Users receive free books in return for their book reviews.

11. Project Gutenberg

If you’re looking for classic children’s novels like “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or “Peter Pan,” Project Gutenberg is sure to have it. Indeed, Project Gutenberg has additional subcategories of children’s literature, such as School Stories, Children’s Myths and Fairy Tales, and Children’s Fiction (among others). The site offers a massive 56,000 free books in PDF format, which you may download and read for free for as long as you like. Simply put “children” or “kids” into the search area and have fun!


The OpenLibrary, like Project Gutenberg, has a large catalog. You can borrow one copy at a time (from the Lending Library’s 3 million eBooks) and read it for up to two weeks.

OpenLibrary includes books spanning from 1450 to the present year, including popular children’s titles such as “Gulliver’s Travels,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” and others. Explore hundreds of children’s book titles by browsing the Juvenile Fiction and Juvenile Literature categories.

Free Christian Books For Kids By Mail

Simply visit these websites and fill out the request form to receive your free Christian books in the mail as soon as possible.

  1. Bibles for America: Bibles for America will send you a complimentary bible! Shipping is also free. To obtain your free bible, simply fill out the form on the website.
  2. Baker Publishing Group: The Baker Publishing Group is a Christian book publisher specializing in fiction and nonfiction. If you reside in the United States, you can receive a free book in the mail from the publisher.
  3. Then there’s If you fill out the online form, you can receive a free New Testament mailed to you. Requests are restricted to one bible per individual, and each request may only be made once. Your bible may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.
  4. The US Bible Society: If you fill out the online form, the US Bible Society will send you a complimentary bible.
  5.  Kids Club for Jesus: People give used Christian children’s books to the Kids Club for Jesus, which cleans and inspects them before listing them on the website. Anyone may go to the website and go through the free marketplace for available titles.
  6. will provide bibles to jails, nursing homes, and homeless people. is another website where you may obtain a free bible. It sends Bibles to jails, nursing homes, and homeless people.
  7. Facebook Marketplace: Another site where you might find people giving away free items is Facebook Marketplace. Books are included. It’s worth looking around to see if someone is giving out Christian literature.
  8. According to, their purpose is to distribute a free bible to anybody who requests one. It cannot, however, respond to every request. You may still contact and ask, and they will do their best to give you a free bible.
  9.  A Grain of Wheat: A Grain Of Wheat is a teaching ministry devoted to serving the global church of Christ. David W. Dyer’s free Christian publications are available here. Publications can be read online, downloaded as PDF, WORD, or ePub documents, or listened to in MP3 format. You can even order printed books to be mailed directly to your house.
  10. Moody Publishers Newsroom: Moody Publishers Newsroom is another area where you may obtain free Christian literature. You may obtain complimentary book copies through the Moody Publishers Blogger Review program. Simply select a book to review, and the firm will deliver it to you for free using USPS Media Mail. All you have to do then is write and submit your review.
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Free Books To Read

Are you feeling a bit light? If you’ve exhausted all of the options at your local libraries and bookshops, turn to your tablet. There are several online sites available to you, and they include hundreds of eBooks (and audiobooks!) that you may access and enjoy at your leisure. Explore the collections of these five online databases today to make some new reading discoveries.

1. Google Books

Google Books features a large inventory of free eBooks that you can add to your library and read on the move. These free-to-read novels, both classic and current, cover a wide range of genres and are accompanied by recommendations for comparable eBooks you might also enjoy, making it simple to keep your reading list filled.

2. Open Culture

This online database provides links to free eBook downloads for hundreds of titles, which you can save to your phone or eReader and carry with you for easy reading while traveling. Classics such as works by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald may be found here. There is also a large audiobook library with connections to modern fiction by Lorrie Moore, Alice Munro, and David Sedaris, among others.

3. Open Library

This website allows you to browse, borrow, and read novels online, including 3,000,000 free eBooks grouped by themes, such as biography, romance, fantasy, history, detective stories, and children’s literature. The service also includes a lending library with 200,000 eBooks available for one-at-a-time borrowing.

4. The Library of Congress.

If you’re looking for a classic, especially a well-known children’s book, you’ll most certainly find it here. Many classic stories, including Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Treasure Island, are now available online through the Library of Congress.

Baby Books For Boys

Reading is a formative experience for youngsters in particular. The books we read when we’re young have a way of shaping both the readers and the persons we grow up to be. That is why it is critical to select the finest baby books for boys to instill a passion for reading in them at a young age! Here are some of the greatest baby books for boys:

  • Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
  • MOO, BAA, LA LA LA! By Sandra Boynton
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Rod Campbell
  • Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann
  • Where’s Spot? by Eric Rill
  • Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Tom Lichtenheld and Sherri Duskey Rinker
  • The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

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Best Books For 5-Year-Olds

Do you have a kindergartener who will begin school this fall? You could be concerned about their reading level or that they would lose interest in that precious right before bed.

Because kindergarten signals the beginning of a more challenging reading program, children may become dissatisfied and lose interest in reading. What if there was a way to avoid this? With lots of love and the correct children’s books, you’ll have no trouble raising a true bookworm. Below are some of the books we have compiled for 5 years old.

The Story of Ferdinand

  • There’s a Bear on My Chair
  • Me and My Dragon
  • The Rainbow Fish
  • Dragons Love Tacos
  • The Little Engine That Could.
  • Pete the Cat Phonics Box
  • It’s Hard to be Five

Books For 12-Year-Olds

Do you need assistance in selecting novels that are both intelligent and enjoyable for your 12-year-old? Is it difficult to select age-appropriate literature? It’s a big (confusing) thing when your child reaches 12. So, how can we keep our children interested as they grow from child to adolescent?

We’re big readers around here, and we like children’s books! We’ve put together a selection of some of our favorite novels for 12-year-olds (both boys and girls). Whether your children prefer fantasy, realistic stories, historical fiction, science fiction, or poetry books, we have something for them. Below are some of these books:

  • The Night Diary. Heart-Wrenching
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon. For Magic Lovers
  • Percy Jackson Series. An Addictive Supernatural Series
  • Up for Air. Perfect for Swimmers
  • Harry Potter Series. A Staple for All
  • The Science of Breakable Things
  • Mostly the Honest Truth
  • Track Series.

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