EU Student Scholarship at University of Bradford 2023

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Are you an EU national with aspirations to pursue higher education in the UK? Look no further, as the University of Bradford is offering an exciting opportunity through its EU Student Scholarship for the year 2023. This scholarship is applicable to both Bachelors and Masters degree programs, encompassing a wide range of fields offered by the university, with the exception of MBA courses.

Scholarship Value and Eligibility:

The University of Bradford is committed to supporting EU students by providing partial funding ranging from £3,000 to £7,000 per year of study. The specific scholarship amount you can avail yourself of depends on the country you are domiciled in:

  • Students domiciled in Italy – £7,000
  • Students domiciled in Spain – £6,500
  • Students domiciled in France – £6,000
  • Students domiciled in Portugal, Poland, or Germany – £5,000
  • Students domiciled in any other EU country – £3,000
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To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be self-funding international fee-paying EU students domiciled in EU countries. Unfortunately, students enrolled in discounted partnership programs are not eligible for this particular scholarship.

Applying for the Scholarship:

The application process for this scholarship is simple and hassle-free. Unlike many other scholarships, you don’t need to submit a separate application form. The University of Bradford automatically considers all eligible candidates for the EU Student Scholarship, making it a seamless process for interested students.

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Important Notes:

  • It’s essential to note that students can only receive one scholarship or discount, even if they qualify for more than one award. In such cases, the university will grant the scholarship with the highest value to the eligible candidate.


The University of Bradford’s EU Student Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for EU nationals to pursue their higher education dreams in the UK. With scholarships ranging from £3,000 to £7,000 per year of study, this initiative aims to support and encourage talented individuals to thrive in their chosen fields of study. If you are an EU student seeking quality education and financial assistance, consider applying for this prestigious scholarship and take a step closer to a promising academic journey at the University of Bradford.

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Please note that the deadline for application varies, so it’s important to stay updated and apply promptly to seize this opportunity. Don’t miss the chance to unlock a bright future through the EU Student Scholarship at the University of Bradford!

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