Advantest Scholarship Program 2023

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If you are a Singaporean student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Electronic & Electric Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering, there’s an exciting opportunity awaiting you! The Advantest Scholarship Program 2023, offered by Advantest Corporation based in Tokyo, is here to recognize and financially support talented individuals like you. This scholarship aims to foster innovation and provide valuable experiences in Advantest’s dynamic work environment.

About Advantest:

Advantest Corporation holds the distinction of being a leading manufacturer of automatic test and measurement (ATE) equipment. These cutting-edge tools play a crucial role in designing and producing semiconductors for various modern applications, such as 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, high-performance computing (HPC) including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and more. With its establishment in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest has grown to become one of the global ATE leaders, boasting facilities around the world and a firm commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility.

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Scholarship Details:

The Advantest Scholarship Program 2023 offers partial funding for qualified Singaporean students pursuing a Bachelors’s degree in the fields of Business, Electronic & Electric Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring individuals seeking financial support to further their education and career prospects in these dynamic fields.

Types of Scholarships Offered:

There are two types of scholarships available under the Advantest Scholarship Program:

  1. Advantest NTU Scholarship: This scholarship is specifically designed for students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who excel in the fields of business, electronic & electric engineering, and mechanical engineering. Apart from the financial assistance, recipients of this scholarship also have the chance to experience Advantest’s fast-paced and challenging work environment through its internship program. This internship provides a unique opportunity to witness and contribute to brilliant innovations in the industry.
  2. Advantest Scholarship: Geared towards graduate students, this scholarship extends recognition and financial support to those pursuing their studies in business, electronic & electric engineering, and mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, recipients of this scholarship get the invaluable opportunity to engage in a traineeship program at Advantest. Through this program, they can experience the dynamic work environment firsthand and actively contribute to fostering innovation.
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Application and Deadline:

The application process for the Advantest Scholarship Program 2023 is ongoing, but the exact deadline may vary, so it’s essential to stay updated on the application period. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about pursuing a degree in the specified fields, don’t miss this chance to secure partial funding for your education and propel your career towards success.


The Advantest Scholarship Program 2023 is an excellent initiative by Advantest Corporation to support and recognize the talents of Singaporean students in Business, Electronic & Electric Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. With the financial aid and valuable work experiences provided, this scholarship offers a stepping stone towards an innovative and promising future. Don’t hesitate to apply and take a significant step towards achieving your academic and career goals!

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