UWE Bristol Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences Dean’s Scholarship

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The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol is offering an exceptional opportunity for international students to pursue a master’s degree in various health and applied sciences fields.

The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences Dean’s Scholarship aims to support outstanding students who can demonstrate a direct link between their chosen MSc program and its potential positive impact on the environment, health, wellbeing, or security in their home country.

This scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for one academic year and is open to eligible students applying for the September 2021 intake.

Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a degree equivalent to a British first or 2:1 in an undergraduate program.
  2. Be applying from a country that has recently faced significant adverse environmental, health, or security challenges, where the selected MSc program’s focus can contribute to addressing these issues.
  3. Possess an unconditional offer or a conditional offer, with the only condition being the submission of an IELTS or equivalent English language proficiency test.
  4. Be a new student at UWE Bristol, with no previous academic experience in the UK.
  5. Be classified as an overseas student for fee purposes.
  6. Not be sponsored or already in receipt of another scholarship or award.
  7. Provide official transcripts at the time of application.
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MSc Programs Covered: The scholarship is available for the following MSc programs within the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol:

  • MRes Applied Sciences
  • MSc Biomedical Science
  • MSc Environmental Health
  • MSc Forensic Science
  • MSc Health Psychology
  • MSc Health Technology
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • MSc Public Health
  • MSc Science Communication
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

Application Process: Applications for the scholarship are currently closed, but eligible applicants will receive an invitation to apply during the regular application process. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be provided with a link to an online application form that must be completed by the specified deadline (Wednesday, 30 June 2021). For detailed information on the application procedure, please visit the official scholarship website at

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Conclusion: The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences Dean’s Scholarship at UWE Bristol is a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue their passion for making a positive impact in their home countries. By linking their chosen MSc program to the improvement of environmental, health, wellbeing, or security issues, students can contribute significantly to solving real-world challenges. Although applications for the current year have closed, prospective students can keep an eye out for future opportunities and visit the official website for updated information on this scholarship and other funding options.

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