Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship 2023

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Are you a citizen of Papua New Guinea with aspirations of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Law? If so, the Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship 2023 might be the perfect opportunity for you! This scholarship, offered in partnership with MinterEllison Gold Coast, is provided by Griffith University and aims to honor the memory of Scott Reid, a respected Partner at MinterEllison Gold Coast.

Scott Reid was not only a brilliant lawyer but also an exceptional leader, mentor, and family man. He approached both his professional and personal life with great humility, empathy, and good humor. Furthermore, Scott played a significant role in promoting the development of Australian Rules Football (AFL) in Papua New Guinea. Today, over 2.5 million people in the country have engaged in the sport, participating in international AFL tournaments in Australia.

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The Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship is open exclusively to Papua New Guinea nationals or those with a strong connection to the Papua New Guinea community. If there are no eligible applicants from Papua New Guinea, candidates of Pacific Islands heritage or affinity will also be considered.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have already applied to study an eligible law program at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus by the scholarship application deadline, which is on 15th October 2023. Additionally, you should meet all the academic and English language entry requirements for the Bachelor of Laws (Hons), Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/double degree, or Juris Doctor program. If you fulfill these criteria and are accepted as a full-time student for Trimester 1 in 2024, you could be eligible for the Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship.

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The selection criteria for this scholarship are centered on qualities that embody Scott Reid’s approach to life. Griffith University is looking for candidates who have demonstrated leadership skills, initiative, and a commitment to serving their communities. If you believe in “laughing a lot, standing strong, and keeping it all in perspective,” then you fit the mold of what this scholarship seeks in its recipients. Moreover, candidates who are eager to utilize their law degrees to make a positive difference in society will be given preference.

The value of the Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship is a partial funding amount of $5,000. Successful applicants will receive $2,500 for two trimesters, which can significantly ease the financial burden of pursuing a law degree.

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So, if you’re a Papua New Guinean with dreams of studying law, don’t miss this incredible opportunity. Apply for the Scott Reid Memorial Scholarship 2023 at Griffith University before the application deadline on 15th October 2023. Let this scholarship be the stepping stone to your successful and impactful legal career while honoring the legacy of Scott Reid. Laugh, stand strong, and make a difference with your law degree!

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