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Are you planning to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad? Bangor University in the UK is offering exciting merit-based scholarships for international students starting their courses in September 2022 or January 2023. The scholarships are applicable to both undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, including an accelerated degree program.

Scholarship Details:

  • Scholarship Amount: You could receive up to £4,000 for Year 1 of your undergraduate degree and £3,000 for your postgraduate studies.
  • Number of Scholarships: The number of scholarships awarded may vary.
  • Renewability: The scholarships are renewable, meaning you may be eligible to receive them for subsequent years if you maintain the required academic performance.
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Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for these scholarships, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence: Your course selection and academic performance will be taken into account.
  • Personal Statement: Your statement explaining your goals and aspirations will be considered.
  • Academic References: Recommendations from your academic mentors or teachers will be reviewed.
  • Skills and Experience: Any relevant skills and experiences you possess will be taken into consideration.
  • Domicile: Your country of residence may also be a factor in the selection process.
  • Financial Support: You must be self-supporting or partially self-supporting; the scholarship is not available to fully sponsored candidates.
  • Tuition Fees: Only students paying International Tuition Fee Levels are eligible; EU candidates are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Distance Education: Candidates enrolled in a distance education program are eligible to apply.
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Application Process: There’s no separate application process for the scholarship. When you apply to study at Bangor University as an international student through their application system or UCAS, you will automatically be considered for these scholarships. Successful candidates will be informed of the scholarship in their Offer Letter.

If you’re interested in studying at Bangor University and wish to know more about these scholarships, you can visit their scholarship website. To apply for the scholarship, you can find the registration link here.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can get in touch with Bangor University via email at [email protected] or by calling +44 1248 383717.

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Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to study abroad at one of the prestigious universities in the UK. Good luck with your application!

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