Ian Little Honours Scholarship at Monash University 2023

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Are you a passionate student looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics? Monash University is offering the prestigious Ian Little Honours Scholarship for 2023, providing a remarkable opportunity for students from all around the world. This scholarship aims to recognize and support outstanding academic achievers who are enthusiastic about making a difference in the field of Economics.

What is the Ian Little Honours Scholarship?

The Ian Little Honours Scholarship is a remarkable initiative by Monash University, designed to encourage and assist exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education in Economics. The scholarship is open to candidates of all nationalities, making it an inclusive opportunity for aspiring economists worldwide.

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What is the Scholarship’s Value?

The scholarship provides partial funding of $15,000 to the recipients. This financial support can be a significant boost in covering the expenses associated with pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Monash University.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To be eligible for the Ian Little Honours Scholarship, you must be a commencing student enrolling full-time in Economics within the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree or Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree at Monash University’s Clayton campus.

How are Recipients Selected?

The selection process for this esteemed scholarship is primarily based on the candidate’s academic achievements. The university seeks applicants who have displayed exceptional performance in their previous studies, showing their dedication and potential in the field of Economics.

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How to Apply?

The application process is incredibly straightforward. Unlike many scholarships that require a separate application, candidates need not go through any additional steps. Every student who applies for the Economics program at Monash University will be automatically assessed for the Ian Little Honours Scholarship. So, ensure you submit your application for the Economics program within the given deadline to be considered for this prestigious award.

Important Points to Note

  1. The scholarship cannot be deferred, so recipients are expected to enroll and commence their studies in the specified academic year.
  2. The deadline for scholarship applications may vary, so it’s crucial to keep track of the latest information on the university’s official website.
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If you have a passion for Economics and a proven track record of academic excellence, the Ian Little Honours Scholarship at Monash University could be your gateway to an outstanding higher education experience. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to pursue your dreams and contribute to the dynamic field of Economics. Apply today and embark on a journey that can shape your future for the better. Good luck!

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