Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral and experienced researchers 2023

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Hey there, aspiring researchers! Are you looking for a fantastic opportunity to boost your academic career? Well, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is offering the Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral and experienced researchers in 2023, and it’s open to candidates from all around the world!

Here are the essential details you need to know:

Who can apply?

  • Candidates of all nationalities are eligible.
  • You must have a Research Fellow/Scientist degree or a comparable academic degree (like a Ph.D. or C.Sc.).
  • Your degree should have been completed less than four years before the application date.
  • Even if you’re almost finished with your doctorate, you can still apply.
  • If you’re in the humanities or social sciences, or a physician, knowing German is necessary.
  • For scientists and engineers, proficiency in German or English is required.
  • If you’ve already spent more than six months in Germany, sorry, you can’t apply this time.
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What are the benefits?

  • If you’re selected, you’ll receive a partial funding stipend of €2,670 per month for Postdocs and €3,170 per month for Experienced researchers. That’s pretty awesome, right?

How to apply?

  • Applying is simple! Just head to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation website and submit your application online.
  • There’s no fixed deadline, so you can apply anytime. Just be sure to keep an eye on their website for any updates.

Why should you apply?

  • The Humboldt Research Fellowship is an incredible opportunity to further your research career and gain valuable experience.
  • You’ll have the chance to work in various research fields offered by different institutions, broadening your horizons.
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So, if you’re a passionate researcher with big dreams, don’t miss out on this opportunity! The Humboldt Research Fellowship could be your ticket to an exciting academic journey.

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