Dr. Brendan Richardson Memorial Prize 2023

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Are you a student pursuing a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in Management & Marketing? If so, we have some exciting news for you! The prestigious Dr. Brendan Richardson Memorial Prize is now open for applications at University College Cork.

This scholarship holds a special place as it commemorates the late Dr. Brendan Richardson, a revered lecturer in the Department of Management and Marketing at Cork University Business School. Dr. Richardson was passionate about consumer behavior and sustainability, and his legacy lives on through this memorial prize.

Who is eligible for this scholarship?

All nationalities are welcome to apply for the Dr. Brendan Richardson Memorial Prize. To be considered, you must have enrolled in the module MG2003 and successfully completed its assessment tasks.

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What does the scholarship offer?

The lucky recipient of the Dr. Brendan Richardson Memorial Prize will not only receive recognition for their outstanding academic achievements but also be awarded a €200 voucher. Additionally, they will receive a prestigious Certificate of Achievement to commemorate their success.

How to apply?

To apply for this scholarship, simply visit [Scholarship Application Link] and submit your application before the specified deadline. Please note that the deadline varies, so make sure to check the exact date to avoid missing out on this fantastic opportunity.

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Remembering Dr. Brendan Richardson:

The scholarship serves as a fitting tribute to Dr. Brendan Richardson, whose dedication to teaching and expertise in consumer behavior and sustainability left a lasting impact on the Department of Management and Marketing. By applying for this scholarship, you not only honor his memory but also have a chance to further your academic journey with financial support.

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