GREAT Scholarships in UK for International Students

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If you’re a student from one of 14 countries, you have a fantastic opportunity to pursue your dreams of studying a one-year taught postgraduate course in the UK. The GREAT Scholarships offer financial assistance, providing £10,000 towards your tuition fees.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of this scholarship program, including eligibility criteria, participating universities, and application instructions.

What is the GREAT Scholarship?

The GREAT Scholarships are designed to support students from Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam. These scholarships cover £10,000 of tuition fees for eligible Master’s programs offered by 49 universities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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Eligibility: To be eligible for the GREAT Scholarship, you must be from one of the participating countries listed above. Additionally, you should hold an undergraduate degree and have a strong interest in the subject area you want to pursue. It’s important to meet the English language requirement set by the UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Specific eligibility criteria for each country can be found on the official website.

Participating Universities and Number of Awards: A total of around 200 scholarships are available, and these are offered by various universities across the UK. To check the list of participating universities and the specific courses covered under this scholarship, you can visit the official scholarship website.

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Application Process: At the moment, applications for the GREAT Scholarship are closed. However, if you’re interested in applying for the next round, keep an eye on the official website for updates. When the application period opens, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided on the scholarship webpages of individual universities. Deadlines for applying vary depending on each institution, but they typically fall around April to June of each year.


The GREAT Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for students from eligible countries to pursue their postgraduate studies in the UK with financial support.

With £10,000 towards your tuition fees, you can focus on your academic journey and make the most of your experience at one of the prestigious universities in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. Although applications are currently closed, be sure to check the official scholarship website for updates on the next application cycle. Take the first step towards realizing your educational aspirations with the GREAT Scholarships!

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