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Best Educational Podcasts for College Students-Top20

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Best Educational Podcasts for College Students-Top20

Best Educational Podcasts for College Students-Top20

What exactly are educational podcasts?

Educational Podcasts are audio tracks of a conversation between a host and a guest speaker that are delivered via the internet in a compressed digital format and designed for playback on computers or portable digital audio players, allowing students to learn or acquire new skills and knowledge.

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Educational podcasts allow you to combine your passion and your priority. It enables us to learn new information, ideas, stories, and facts while exercising, shopping, or driving to classes.

What are the Best Educational Podcasts?

There are numerous educational podcasts available. However, not all of them have content that will help you build and improve. That is why I have carefully chosen the ones I have listed for you. The following are the top 20 Educational Podcasts for college students to listen to.

Extreme History
The TED Talks Things You Should Know Every Day
The College Information Geek
Life Kit: How to Do Everything
NPR’s Throughline Brain Science Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast Has Been Acquired Download Podcast
BBC Discovery’s Radiolab Rationally Speaking Discovery
Radio Revolution Health
The project on knowledge

  1. 1. Extreme History

The best educational podcast for college students is Hardcore History.

Dan Carlin created this. Each episode of Dan Carlin’s brilliant show rivals an audiobook in terms of production value and research quality.

He asks a lot of strange questions that are rarely addressed in textbooks, which may help you open your mind as a history student.

Carlin’s passion and variety are the keys to his success. Carlin’s zealous and varied delivery could make any subject seem interesting. He also selects the most fascinating but underappreciated stories from our history.

  1. 2. TED Talks Every Day

TED Talks Daily is the best podcast for college students when it comes to the best educational podcast with diverse content ranging from science to politics, timely information, and inspirational speeches from experts. Most TED talks are equally effective in audio and video formats. Every weekday, a new episode is released.

“Why It’s Worth Listening to People You Disagree With” is one of the most intriguing episodes to begin with.

TED Talks Daily is the best podcast for college students because it distils its superb repertoire of talks into generally short audio hits.

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  1. 3. Important Information

“Stuff You Should Know” is an educational podcast that has been running for over ten years.

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant have some interesting conversations in which they explain a lot of things you probably shouldn’t know because you’ll never use the information.

They also investigate deceptively simple questions like, “How Does Cult Deprogramming Work?” How do mosquitos survive? College students should watch the episode “What Is the Gig Economy?” The episode delves into the various incarnations and current complexities of app-based side work.

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This is the best educational podcast for college students because its topics change from podcast to podcast and it is self-explanatory. So students can choose the best and most interesting topics and begin listening right away.

  1. 4. The College Information Geek

This educational podcast, The College Info Geek, is co-hosted by Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme.

Their topics are intended to assist students in learning and improving in all aspects of life, such as studying tools and thoughts on the best reading position.

Students will learn how to study more effectively and be more productive in this podcast.

The podcast is equal parts educational and entertaining, with episodes such as “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?” that investigate the personal utility of answering the clichéd question.

  1. 5. How to Do It All

There is always something new to learn from the podcast “How to Do Everything,” a conversation between the hosts, Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag, and the listeners in which they give advice and answer questions ranging from the trivial to the dire. F-Bombs, Chicken, and Exclamation Points is an educational podcast that teaches students how to find alternatives to the F-word, cook chicken, and stop using exclamation points, among other things.

  1. 6. Survival Kit

‘Life Kit,’ a podcast, has some interesting episodes that respond to important issues raised by current events in our daily lives.

With episodes like “How to Focus While Reading,” this is one of the best educational podcasts.

Allison Aubrey, the host, instructs students on how to avoid distractions while reading.

Given the complex reality we live in, his expert-informed perspectives help you decide what you should do now.

Educational Podcasts
  1. 7. The NPR Throughline

NPR’s Throughline is an educational podcast that keeps you up to date at all times. The goal of this podcast is to show you how history and the present are inextricably linked, as well as to challenge conventional historical perspectives on pivotal periods and events throughout history.

Some political agendas today may prevent us from learning important lessons about modern life.

The 1918 Flu episode of this educational podcast is particularly interesting. The show teaches and explains the true origins of the virus, Spanish Flu, why it is called Spanish Flu, and how it was politicised in 1918. Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei are the hosts.

8 Brain Science

Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science podcast has some interesting episodes, such as ‘The Reading Brain’ with Maryanne Wolf and Neuroscience and AI with Paul Middlebrooks. The show teaches us about how our brains work and the most recent discoveries in neuroscience. According to the show, we are by far the only organisms in the universe studying ourselves, including the brain, which is the focal point and organ. The show, which features some well-known neuroscientists from around the world, updates us on the most recent discoveries in neuroscience.

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  1. 9. Thought Leaders in Entrepreneurship

This show is simply a collection of recorded Stanford University entrepreneurship conversations and lectures.

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This educational podcast can be a very useful learning resource for college students.

Even if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur as a college student, the show is worth listening to because of episodes like The Zen of Entrepreneurship and Prepare to Launch. Guy Kawasaki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer are among the previous guests.

10. obtained podcast

Acquired Podcast is an informative podcast that keeps you up to date on technology acquisitions and IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). The podcast informs listeners about the successes and failures of companies like Tesla, PowerPoint, and Instagram.

  1. 11. Podcast Download

Another interesting show is Download Podcast, which has episodes like My Memory is Beyond the Event, Horizon, and Spotify Buys Podcasting.

The show informs viewers about the most important stories and trends in technology, as well as providing analysis from a panel of technology experts.

12. Radiolab

Radiolab is one of the most popular podcasts for college students in the world. The podcast takes pride in being a “show about curiosity.”

The host discusses topics ranging from facts about brain injuries to Henrietta Lacks’ story and stories about real people.

Their episodes are expertly produced and feature a variety of guests and experts, depending on the topic. The show is regarded as one of the best educational podcasts in the world.

13 Reasonably Speaking

Julia Galef, co-founder of the Center for Applied Rationality, hosts one of the best educational podcasts, Rationally Speaking.

Galef and her guests discuss utilitarianism, heuristics, cognitive science, and biases in Rationally Speaking, as well as why people should learn to be rational in the first place.

With episodes such as Misconceptions about China and artificial intelligence and The Origins of Scientific and Creative Genius.

14. BBC Discovery’s

If you are a college student who enjoys learning every detail about science, then Discovery by BBC is for you. It has previously covered topics such as the discovery of plate tectonics, why we dream, and how to use chemistry to bake the perfect cake. The BBC World Service podcast is a well-produced and unbiased educational podcast with some interesting episodes such as Why do we have déjà vu? How do instruments produce music?

15 . Revolution Health Radio

A healthy lifestyle can help you avoid chronic diseases and long-term illness, and everyone wants to be healthy. If you want to learn how to stay healthy, Revolution Health Radio is one of the best educational podcasts for you.

With episodes like Biohacking Your Ancestral Lifestyle and How to Use Tech to Improve Your Sleep, the show educates and informs you on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Chris Kesser, the host and a health expert, focuses on how to live a healthier life while preventing disease.

  1. 16. The project on knowledge

According to a learning model, students learn 90% by doing, and they retain only 10% of what they read and 20% of what they listen to.

As a result, the knowledge project is a podcast that teaches you while you listen to interviews with fascinating people.

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Shane Parrish, the host, interviews extraordinary people about the frameworks and mental models they use to do their best work and live their best lives.

And hearing someone speak about such topics is far more interesting than reading a dull textbook.

  1. 17. You Aren’t That Smart

David McRaney created this educational podcast. The show delves into issues such as irrationality and overconfidence, both of which are detrimental to our overall growth and well-being.

With episodes such as The Power of Fiction to Change People’s Minds and Machine Bias.

The podcast is one of the best educational podcasts for college students who have a lot of faith in things that have no rational basis.

18 The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode

This podcast focuses on personal development and business. Tim Ferriss, an author and entrepreneur, deconstructs expert performers’ routines in order to provide you with useful tactics, tools, and routines. Most episodes of this podcast allow us to learn while listening to interviews with fascinating people such as Maria Popova, Rick Rubin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The one with Maria Popova on Writing, Workflow, and Workarounds was absolutely fantastic. You should look into it.

  • 19 Jordan Harbinger Presents

The Jordan Harbinger Show is yet another educational podcast show that allows us to learn while listening to interviews and inspirational speeches from experts and fascinating people we’ve never heard of. Jordan Harbinger interviews famous musicians, entrepreneurs, poets, and comedians and deconstructs what makes them so successful.

  1. 20 SciFri

The name SciFri comes from the fact that this educational podcast is released on Fridays. It contains educational stories and activities that you can try, as well as a variety of topics from various sciences.

Professionals such as Elon Musk and Sylvia Earle have appeared on the show. This podcast allows us to combine our passion with our priority; we learn something educational while also having fun.

Is it true that listening to podcasts makes you smarter?

Listening to podcasts will help you stay ahead of your peers. They sharpen your mind, broaden your knowledge, and keep you up to date. They assist you in establishing a firm grasp on what to say whenever a question is posed to you.

Are podcasts available for free?

All podcasts are free, and the majority are accessible through a variety of apps. Because you have internet access, all you need to do is find a podcast platform or app that suits you and then listen to some of the many thousands of podcasts produced around the world.

Which podcast app is the best?

There are a plethora of them to be found. You can simply look at the ones listed below:

  1. RadioPublic.
  2. Pocket Casts.
  3. Castbox.
  4. Podbean.
  5. Stitcher.
  6. Laughable.
  7. TuneIn Radio.
  8. Spotify.

However, you can rely on Spotify for the majority of the world’s trending podcasts.

Can podcasts be converted into videos?

Yes! Podcasts are typically original audio or video recordings, but they can also be recordings of a television or radio programme, a lecture, a performance, or other events. Podcasts are available in both video and audio formats.

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