ARES Scholarship in Belgium for Developing Countries

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If you’re a student from one of the eligible countries and dream of pursuing higher education in Belgium, the ARES Scholarships offer an excellent opportunity.

Each year, ARES grants talented individuals the chance to pursue advanced bachelor’s or master’s degree programs, or short-term continuing education courses in various fields. Let’s explore the key details of this exciting scholarship program.

Host Institutions: The ARES Scholarships are available at participating universities and academic institutions in Belgium, known for their quality education and research.

Fields of Study: A wide range of fields are covered under the scholarship, including aquaculture, health, food technology, economics, international development, GIS, information technology, agriculture, environment, human rights, and microfinance, among others. For the complete list of eligible courses, visit the official website.

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Number of Awards: ARES offers a total of 130 scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and 70 scholarships for continuing education courses.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the ARES Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a national and resident of one of the eligible countries listed.
  2. Hold a degree comparable to graduate-level (300 credits ECTS) for advanced masters and continuing education courses, or undergraduate-level (180 credits ECTS) for advanced bachelor’s.
  3. Possess at least two years of relevant professional experience in an ARES partner country after completing graduate studies for advanced bachelor’s or postgraduate studies for advanced masters and continuing education courses.
  4. Have a good command of the language in which the course is taught and a minimum proficiency in French to ensure easy integration into Belgian life.
  5. Apply for only one training course and not have obtained prior admission to any French-speaking institution in Belgium.
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Scholarship Value: The ARES Scholarship is comprehensive and covers various expenses, including international travel, living allowance, registration fees, insurance, and housing allowance.

Application Process: While applications are currently closed, interested candidates can apply during the application period through the official website. To start the process, create a GIRAF account online and complete the scholarship application form. The deadline for submission is typically in January each year.


The ARES Scholarships in Belgium provide an incredible opportunity for students from eligible countries to pursue higher education and expand their knowledge in diverse fields. This scholarship program not only supports academic growth but also facilitates cultural integration, making it a rewarding experience for successful applicants. For future application updates and more detailed information, interested candidates can visit the official ARES Scholarship website.

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