Aitchison Scholarship 2023

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Are you an undergraduate student facing financial challenges while pursuing your degree? The University of Melbourne has a solution for you – the Aitchison Scholarship 2023. Generously provided by David Aitchison, this scholarship aims to support students who are in need of financial assistance and have completed at least one year of their bachelor’s degree.

Field of Study and Eligibility:

The Aitchison Scholarship is open to students studying any subject offered by the University of Melbourne. As long as you are enrolled in an undergraduate course at the university, you are eligible to apply. However, to be considered, you must demonstrate evidence of your financial need, explaining the challenges you are facing while funding your education.

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Application Deadline and Process:

The deadline for the scholarship application varies, so make sure to check the university’s official website for the specific date. To apply, you’ll need to provide information about your financial situation and submit a brief report outlining the benefits the scholarship would provide you. Additionally, you’ll need to grant permission to the University to share this report, along with your name and course details, with the generous donor, David Aitchison.

Value of the Scholarship:

The Aitchison Scholarship offers partial funding, providing a one-time allowance of approximately $6,000 to successful recipients. The exact amount may vary and will be determined at the time the award is offered.

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Selection Criteria:

Eligible candidates will be selected based on their financial need. The university will review all applications and choose the most deserving students to receive the scholarship.


The Aitchison Scholarship 2023 presents a fantastic opportunity for financially challenged undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne. If you’re struggling to fund your studies and have completed at least one year of your degree, don’t miss out on this chance to receive partial funding of up to $6,000. Apply before the deadline and take a step towards fulfilling your educational aspirations with the support of this generous scholarship. For more information and to submit your application, visit the official scholarship page on the University of Melbourne’s website. Good luck!

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